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Golden Retriever Gets Rescued From Well

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Golden Retriever is a breed of dog originating in the United Kingdom. These were initially bred to hunt down ducks and small birds. Retrievers are very easy to train and manage than most of the other breeds. Sheryl Patton & Dickson is a resident of the United States. The couple is pretty much fond of dogs.

Golden Retriever

They had three dogs out of which, one was a beautiful Golden Retriever who lived with them. The dog was adopted quite a few years ago. It has grown pretty old now. The retriever was twelve years of age according to reports. Things got scary when the dog fell in an old well. The well was abandoned and situated inside the premises of Dickson’s property. The dog was finally rescued by the firefighters and handed over to the family. 

Let us have a detailed account of the happening. 

Golden Retriever Falls In Well, Firefighters Come To The Rescue

The family of Patton & Dickson had an old well behind their property. The well was abandoned for a very long time. Dickson was not aware of what had happened. While mowing the lawn, he found out that their dog, Calvin, was nowhere in sight. He immediately searched the whole of his house and called out the dog’s name several times. 

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Dickson then searched their property for signs of his dog. It was at this moment, two of his other dogs began going towards the well. Barking sounds could be heard coming deep down from the well. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, he quickly informed the Tualatin Valley firefighters. 

Golden Retriever

The rescue team had a tough time pulling out the dog from the 30ft deep well. One of the rescuers went down the well using a rope and a tripod. After a great deal of effort, Calvin was finally taken out. He was handed over to his family and the dog seemed very happy. 

Dickson stated that Calvin might have gone after a squirrel and fell into the well. Initial medical examinations were conducted on the Golden Retriever. After a preliminary hypothermia medication, the dog was released. 

Image credit: Twitter

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