Grandma Elephant Meets Her Daughter After Tedious 12 Years

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Elephants are sweet animals and we have recently started to understand what goes inside their giant heads. We can see that clearly in the grandma elephants story. The elephants have a great memory and they can remember small incidents for decades. They will remember their herd and even humans that care for them for tens of years.

We have a saying that “ elephants never forget” and scientists have proven the fact. They can also remember the places where they had water and food in the past. In the wild, they live together in herds, where every herd is led by a lead member. 

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The Story Of The Grandma Elephant

Grandma Elephant

Image credits: Zenger

One of these examples includes a story about the grandma elephant. The grandma elephant exchanged love with her granddaughter and daughter by touching trunks. This was witnessed in a German zoo. The elephants met after tens of years.

The male elephants tend to leave the group to find their mate. The female ones choose to stay with their moms for the rest of their life. These intelligent animals choose to live in a matriarchal society. 

The natural process of reunion is being introduced into these captivities as programs. The officials at Bergzoo took photographs of these beautiful scenes. The location was in the eastern town of Halle.

The images moved netizens and won their hearts on social media. The pictures show the grandma touching trunks with her offspring. 

The grandma elephant’s name was Pori and her arrival was an important level in elephant husbandry.

Dr. Dennis Muller considers that elephants in zoos should be cared for in these family structures. It feels natural. Dr. Dennis is the Director of the zoo in Bergzoo. He believes that they are pretty close to achieving this. 

The population of elephants in these zoos is kept in check by the EEP. EEP is a breeding program for the conservation of wildlife. The committee of EEP consists of experts who analyze the animals and determine the new herd to be formed. These experts are from different zoos and also decide about the movements of these animals for the purpose of breeding.

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The Family Of Elephants 

grandma elephant

The grandma elephant, Pori, who was 39 years old, shifted from Berlin to Halle. She met her daughter Tana, who was 19 years old. They had met after 12 years of being separated. Pori recognized her daughter without hesitation.

The grandma elephant met her granddaughter for the first time and touched trunks with her. Tamika was 4 at the time. She also met Elani who was 1 at the moment and knew nothing about her grandma. 

grandma elephant

The grandma elephant is African and was born in Zimbabwe. She was born in 1981.

She was transported to Germany in 1983 and stayed at the Magdeburg Zoo. She was brought to Tierpark Berlin in 1997 to breed. She gave birth to Tana in 2001 as reported by the Halle Zoo.

Pori is currently enclosed separately from her family but will meet and interact outside after some days. They are enclosed in separate chambers to allow them to rest for some time and also provide some time to get them acquainted with the environment. The public will be able to see this family of elephants after some days when they will be accustomed to everything.

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