Gray Wolves Will Not Be Protected By The Biden Administration

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There are a lot of things the Trump government and the Biden government disagree on. But here’s one thing they agree on: the case of the Idaho wolves. During the Trump era, the gray wolves of Idaho were stripped of their protection under the Endangered Species Act. Now, Biden’s administration has stated that they will uphold that decision.

The Curious Case Of The Gray Wolves

Last year, the decision to delist gray wolves from the endangered list was finally approved by the Trump government. There were concerns that the wolf population had become too big, and had begun to threaten the people and other animals in the area.

However, on the other hand, environmental activists had aired concerns that the population had just about recovered. Legalizing their hunting would ruin years of conservation and protection efforts. That has seemingly come true with several states’ hunting policies taking the lives of as many as one-third of the wolves’ population.

In answer, environmental organizations had approached the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Department to stop such aggressive hunting. However, a lawyer of the government has since asked a California federal judge to reject lawsuits regarding the restoration of the wolves’ protection.

Gary Frazer, the Ecological Services assistant director of the FWS, said that the delisting process was under consideration for a long time. He stood by the conclusion that the decision was correct. However, he too admitted that some hunting numbers have concerned the authorities.

Legalized hunting tactics include a whole season for wolf hunting, night hunting, air hunting, and rewards for killing the creatures. Frazer explained that if these States push the creatures towards extinction once more, then the protections will be promptly restored.

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However, environmentalists such as Amaroq Weiss, a veteran wold advocate, are shocked by the attitude of the Biden government. He explained that this only means that numerous American wolves are going to be killed mercilessly in the states where politics rule over science. He said that Biden cannot claim to be supporting decisions based on science while this bloodbath continues unabated.

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