Grazing Sheep Doing Wonders At City Park Of Montreal

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Grazing Sheep in the parks of Montreal are doing wonders. A herd of sheep is usually expected to perform certain stipulated tasks. Their usual tasks include lawn mowing and the production of wool. However, this is not the case in Montreal. The group of sheep is seemingly establishing a direct connection with nature. These grazing sheep have also made people happier and have even proved to be life-changing. Let us have an amazing account of these sheep’s work. 

Grazing Sheep: A Blessing In Disguise

Grazing Sheep

The group of sheep consists of sixteen sheep in total. Sparkles, Kitkat, Jupiter, & Thérèse are the names of four sheep in the flock. They usually graze the huge property of Parc Maisonneuve. The group is supervised by three herdsmen. These herdsmen work in a rotational policy. There are a hundred men who work as volunteers to take care of the sheep. 

Briquette à Montreal is a nonprofit organization that is run by Laurence Sauvageau-Fresco. He quoted that these sheep did not impact the ground like a mechanical lawnmower. A huge plus point was that these sheep did not scare other animals away. There was a healthy ratio between the different animals around the farm. 

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This initiative has been prospering for almost six years. Fresco makes the herd join yoga classes where they funnily interact with common people. For Fresco, it felt like home when she was around the cute group. Fresco started her volunteering career in the year 2018. She instantly knew what she wanted. Fresco grew very fond of the sheep and decided to work with them. She lovingly gave names to them. Fresco stated that she had the feeling of being the government godmother of all the grazing sheep. 

Grazing Sheep

The park is open for public visits. Interested ones can come and spend their day with the herd between 9 am- 7 pm. This is a limited period opportunity and is valid till 5th September. Fresco has advised the visitors not to bring any food for the sheep. Many other parks have shown interest in possessing a group of grazing sheep. However, the manpower required for proper nurturing makes the idea difficult to execute. 

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