Greece Wildfire: Massive Disaster Ravages The Country In 2021

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The Greece Wildfire is causing massive damage to the country. A total of 586 fires are observed, as stated by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the Greek PM.

The worst heat waves are one of the major reasons behind the Greece Wildfire. 63 evacuations have taken place and hundreds of firefighters are busy fighting the disaster since the last few days.

Mitsotakis has apologized on tape, for any kind of weakness shown by the Greek government in fighting the fires. The Greece Wildfire has destroyed hundreds of homes and rendered thousands of people homeless, in the last weeks.

How The Greece Wildfire Has Affected The Residents

The last days are etched in the country as one of the most difficult ones. The heat and extreme drought are causing further issues while fighting the fire. 

Evia, an island in Greece, was the center of the Greece Wildfire and half of the island has been charred. 

The fires have been destroying the forests which are the main livelihood for the Greeks. The assistance in Evia came quite late and the honey, figs, and olives, that were produced, was destroyed by the Greece Wildfire.

Climate Is The Cause For The Greece Wildfire

Droughts have become frequent and more severe in southern Europe. This is the worst impact that climate change can leave. Climate change has affected the entire planet and it is not to be considered as an excuse. 

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that such climate changes are caused by humans. These disasters that have occurred are all irreversible and have widespread implications.

Scientists have connected the lines between extreme weather and the change in the climate. Droughts were a phenomenon, that occurred once in a decade. It has now become so frequent that wildfires have become common things to see. These fires have become more destructive and record heat of higher temperatures. 

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PM Mitsotakis has stated that any failure to fight the Greece Wildfire will be identified and the ones responsible will be caught. The people whose properties were destroyed by this fire will be compensated. 

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