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Green Soldiers Protects Forests And Wilderness Risking Their Lives

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Green Warriors have become extremely viral recently. They risk their own lives in order to protect animals and wildlife. In a world where humans only care for money, such a gesture is definitely appreciable.

Recent news came into the picture about a few young teenagers. They mercilessly hurled stones at the nest of a mother swan. The stones went on to hit the eggs and destroy them. Sadly enough, the mother swan was left heartbroken and she died a few days later. Thus, when the world is filled with such news, it is a welcome change to learn about people who are willing to risk their own lives to save animals and the environment.

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Laxman is a worker at the Gharial Rescue Centre and Hatchery of Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is devoted to the well-being of the wild gharials. In one instance, Laxman noticed a couple of Gharials’ eggs floating into the river Gerua. He understood that if the eggs were not saved, they will eventually sink into the water.

Laxman did not think twice. He swiftly jumped into the river to save the eggs of the Gharial. After fighting with the strong current for a fairly long time, the daily wager did manage to come out of the water with the eggs.

He safely put them back at the hatchery. The love and care from Laxman have made the eggs hatch into two baby gharials. This act of Laxman has been praised by many people. He has been termed as the “Gharials Eggs Savior”.

Gharial with GPS logger behind head c Gehan de Silva Wijeyeratne

His deed has become very much viral on social media. The heroic deed has been praised by environmentalists from all over the world. Let us learn more about the green soldiers and their heroic deeds in detail below. 

Green Soldiers Set A Heroic Example

Green Soldiers has been quite a revelation in recent times. Their heroic deeds have been doing rounds all over the Twitter and internet. Sunday Guardian has decided to give them their deserved spotlight. The media organization has decided to portray some of the stories of the green soldiers that will leave us awestruck.

Laxman is the latest example of such a hero. IFS officers from different parts of the world have come forward to congratulate him for his heroic efforts. Laxman was interviewed by the Sunday Guardian recently. He stated that working as a protector of the forests is a great honor for him.

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Laxman compared the responsibility with that of a soldier protecting his motherland at the battlefront. He said that threats can be in any form in the forests. Animals and even humans can pose a huge threat towards the welfare of the forests. It was found that the site from which Laxman rescued the eggs was about fifteen feet deep. Such stories of heroism are bound to give us goosebumps.

However, Laxman is not the only hero out there. There are a lot of other green soldiers doing a commendable job as well.

Green Soldiers Will Do Anything To Protect Wildlife 

If the story of Laxman was not inspiring enough, here is another account of a brave green soldier. Pawan Kumar Shukla is another living example. Shukla works as a forester at the Katarniaghat Sanctuary. He is posted at the Katarniaghat Range.

The commitment and dedication of Shukla are unquestionable. Even after being bitten twice by a leopard, he has decided to continue with his job till date. In the year 2006, Shukla heard the news of a leopard being hunted down by local villagers. When he arrived at the spot, he saw that the villagers had tied the leopard and were trying to harm it.

Shukla immediately went up to the villagers and asked to go away. In order to free the leopard, Pawan let go of all the ropes. The leopard was very much angry with all the teasing from the villagers.

As soon as he was freed, the leopard pounced on Pawan. Pawan was bitten by the leopard on his right foot before the beast fled away. The injury was serious and it took some time for the green soldiers to recover.

There was another instance when Pawan survived a leopard attack. All these accounts make us respect the green soldiers even more. One can only hope that these gem of persons will continue with the good work in the future as well. 

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