Gulf Stream Collapse: Might Substantially Cool Entire Europe

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Several researchers have predicted the Gulf Stream collapse to take place. It would cool entire Europe and is predicted to be the weakest in 1,000 years.

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The current systems in the Atlantic Ocean impact the Northern Hemisphere. When this stream of currents weakens it causes major changes to the world. The weather will completely be off its normal route. 

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A scientific study was published on Thursday, that talked about the AMOC (Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation). The Gulf Stream transfers warm water to the North Atlantic and the researchers focused on this.

How Does The Gulf Stream Collapse Affect Weather?

The ocean currents transport tropical warm water to the surface of the ocean while pushing the cold water southwards. The cooler water gets pushed deeper underneath the surface. The AMOC takes an active part in the redistribution of heat and hence influences the weather globally.

Gulf Stream Collapse

Researchers have stated that warning signals are found in 8 AMOC indices, that is based on sea-surface temperature and salt data from the Atlantic Ocean basin. 

The AMOC has evolved from stable conditions into critical and weaker conditions.

The Gulf Stream collapse could cool the continent and impact the tropical monsoon systems, greatly.

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The Gulf Stream collapse was initially unclear as might be due to a change in circulation or due to a reduction in its stability. After analyzing it was assigned to the reason, that the Gulf Stream collapse was due to a loss of stability.  

The AMOC has reached its threshold and that is why it is losing its dynamic stability. 

Climate change is also behind these changes. The atmosphere heats up due to the presence of GHG emissions and the surface of the oceans heat up. 

Gulf Stream Collapse

The Gulf Stream collapse will have severe effects on the weather but it would also cool the Northern Hemispheres. It will raise the sea levels in the Atlantic and cause a reduction in rainfall in parts of North America and Europe. The Gulf Stream collapse has been predicted to be observed after 2100.

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