Happy Puppy Jumps On The Beach In Joy

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Remember the time when you were a kid? 

It was quite exciting to go to the beach and you would jump up for joy. This is just the case for this happy puppy. The dog had a similar reaction when she reached the beach and it could be understood by her actions.

Meet Tofu, The Happy Puppy

happy puppy

The happy puppy, named Tofu, is a special one and her behaviors are quite funny. She has always been sassy and can not contain her excitement when it comes to new adventures. Whenever Tofu visits the beach she gets ecstatic and jumps around. The beach is her favorite place to go and the reaction says so.

Whenever Tofu reaches the beach she makes everyone smile. It is quite funny to see a dog react in such a manner. 

Ashleigh MacPherson is the mom of this happy puppy and was quite embarrassed to see her dog react in such a way when she visited the beach for the first time. She has got used to Tofu’s reactions now and it makes her proud, as she can see the happiness in the puppy’s eyes and actions. 

happy puppy

The happy puppy loses her head and barks like crazy after all the beach is her favorite place to go to. The strangers who would pass by would find this amusing and their faces would light up with joy. This is the purest form of happiness one can see.

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Tofu’s sibling can not keep up with this energy even after several tries. The love for the beach is unique and can not be replicated. Other dogs have tried to join Tofu but could not jump as high and joyfully as her. Ashleigh had stated that she felt proud of her happy puppy as the other dogs looked unsure of her actions.

happy puppy

It is quite satisfying to see such a moment of happiness even though there is so much negativity in the world. It seems like the innocent of one happy puppy can balance out all the pains and sufferings in the world.

Image credits: Ashleigh MacPherson

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