Hardik Shah Doing Miracles In Waste Management

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Hardik Shah has a fantastic approach to the management of waste. The waste disposal issue has bothered us largely in the recent past. The amounts of waste produced every day are huge. We need to properly dispose of and recycle as much waste as we can. Proper management of waste is extremely beneficial for the environment. The term waste management means the proper segregation and processing of waste materials. Improper management of waste can have several harmful effects.

It can aid in the depletion of natural resources, toxicity in the environment, etc. One must devise appropriate means to reuse and recycle most of the waste produced each day. Hardik Shah from India seems to possess a unique conception about waste disposal. Let us dive in for a further study of the idea below. 

Hardik Shah Offers Pizza In Return For Waste!

Hardik Shah
Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah is a young entrepreneur from India. residing in Ahmedabad, Shah has always visioned a greener planet. Shah has launched his startup namely Innovate Green Technologies Private Limited. One of the most significant aspects of the company is its business policy. Here, you can buy products in return for waste. 

Hardik has designed an application through which you can order anything. The catch is simple- you need to pay for waste material as barter. An individual can choose from the vast array of products listed on the website. Most of the products are recycled. A great attraction of the app is that you can buy a pizza and pay in waste. As fascinating it sounds, it is all real. The whole point is to make people aware of the ongoing global crisis. 

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Hardik Shah aims to expand his services to as many people as possible. This will spread awareness among the people. To further attract customers, the company ensures door-to-door waste pickup service. Hardik Shah has partnered with several delivery partners who would get the job done for him. 

The initiatives undertaken by Hardik Shah have reaped rich benefits for the environment. Till now, almost 27956 trees have been saved by the company. The emission of harmful carbons has been reduced by 56490kg. 

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