Heartbreaking Clip Shows World’s Loneliest Whale Banging Against Tank

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Animal videos are usually joyous and light-hearted. But sometimes, some clips appear that just break the heart of all who watches it. Even more so when it features a creature held captive in human confinement. One such story is of Kiska, an Orca or killer whale.

In Marineland Amusement Park in Ontario in Canada, Kiska has lived while captive ever since 2011. The full story is bound to break anyone’s heart two times over. Phrases like “lonely whale” and “captive orca” are the most appropriate description of this sad creature.

Earlier in the month, Phil Demers, an activist had posted an extremely disheartening video of the lonely whale. Reportedly, Demers used to be an employee at the amusement park. Be that as it may, the video shows Kiska banging against the glass tank where she resides using her head. At the same time, the online campaign advocating the freedom of the whale named #FreeKiska has continued gaining momentum.

The Depressing Fate Of Kiska The Whale

Demers claims that the activist campaigners had filmed the video when they were campaigning to free her beside her enclosure. In his tweet, Demers said that the campaigners had signs to spread the word about the last orca captive in Canada. He pointed out that the creature was suffering immensely and pleaded for support.

The caption said that the clip was dated 4th September 2021. In another tweet, one more angle of the incident was provided. It was explained that the behavior is self-harming and dangerous for Kiska. It is a clear indication of the distress the whale is in.

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Earlier on another user had shared an even more depressing clip of Kiska. In the clip, the whale can be seen listlessly floating around. Demers explained that witnesses have often heard Kiska call for other orcas. He said that once upon a time, Kiska was docile. However, continuously being completely isolated and no other whales responding to her calls has almost broken her. Moreover, Canada’s Welfare Services for Animals had inspected the park and alarmingly concluded that the majority of the park’s animals were “distressed”.

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