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Heartwarming video of a man carrying a puppy in his backpack on a train ride will brighten your day

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A video of a man travelling by train with a puppy in his backpack has gone insanely viral online. The video has received over 22 million views on Instagram.

When it comes to travelling with their pets, all pet owners face a quandary. Traveling with an animal in a car, train, or plane is never easy. When you have to take your dog on a train full of strangers who may not like having an animal in their space, the job becomes even more difficult.

The man can be seen in the now-viral video sitting on a train with his cute pooch tucked inside his rucksack. Just like his owner, the small puppy is seen napping off as he and his travelling partner travel the distance. The dog awakens in the middle of the video and looks around with his big eyes.

Instagram Account Pet Town uploaded the video with the description “Pure Love.”

The video received nearly 3.8 million likes and soon gained views on the platform. The video and the adorable puppy fully caught the attention of netizens.

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