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Hemp Plane is an idea that nobody probably thought of. With the rising concerns over the usage of plastics, everyone is busy finding an alternative option. 

A company from Canada has come up with this unique idea of building a plane using hemp. The company runs by the name ” Hempearth” and has recently built a completely eco-friendly plane. The plane has an outer body made of composites from hemp. 

This provides the aircraft with a greener look from the outside. However, it does not end here. The interiors of the plane are also made up of movable ganja that make the aircraft completely devoid of plastic. As interesting an idea this seems on paper, the question lingers about its effectiveness. 

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The company has addressed all the doubts with flying colors. The aircraft has been given the name of “Mary Jane”. It has a wingspan of thirty-six feet. Four people can easily board the plane which also has a spare room for loading the cargo. 

The company claims that the durability of the plane is ten times more than that of steel. Many people have termed the invention as the most versatile one in recent history. Experts believe that a large-scale production could change the aviation industry altogether.

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One of the biggest upsides of the plane is that it is cheap. The cost of construction is significantly lower than the traditional aircraft. The abundance of manufacturing material is another point that makes a strong case for the Hemp Plane’s success. 

Marijuana is a product that can be found in plenty all over the world. Let us learn more about the Hemp Plane in detail below. 

Hemp Plane Is Expected To Change Aviation Forever 

Hemp Plane is speculated to be the next big thing in aviation. The proper production of these aircraft might retire the traditional aircrafts soon. 

There are a lot of hazards associated with the traditional manufacturing of planes. They require a high amount of steel and iron. A significant amount of labor and time has to be invested in making just a single unit.

 The usage of plastic is inevitable in today’s planes. One cannot completely ditch plastic while making them. Another biggest problem is the use of fuel. Modern airplanes use one of the finest fuels.

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 These fuels are insanely expensive and also contribute to pollution. Moreover, extensive usage of this fuel will in turn exhaust the fossil fuels fast. 

Hemp Plane: A Summary 

The company has kept a great eye on every detail about the hemp plane. These planes use fuels made from marijuana. As a result, the total cost of these aircrafts is almost one-third of a normal one. 

Hempearth is a company that specializes in making various products from Hemp. They have a vision of making the Earth plastic-free as far as possible. In order to execute their vision, they have come up with a number of unique products. 

Apart from the hemp plane, the company has also designed cell phones made from hemp. They have also made paddleboards and surfboards. The world is eagerly waiting for the company to start a full-fledged production of the hemp plane. 

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