Himachal Pradesh Faces Disastrous Climate Consequences Of Unchecked Development

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Himachal Pradesh is experiencing some of the worst changes in climate. Climate changes are a growing concern in modern days. The rapid rate at which we have advanced technologically has gathered some adversities along its course. 

The widespread usage of carbon is one of the most notorious aspects of technology. Almost every modern gadget uses carbon as a primary component. Carbons are extremely harmful substances for our Earth. These are responsible for heating the Earth’s surface.

A recent study has shown the impacts of overconsumption of coal and fossil fuels. They are responsible for shooting up the surface temperatures of the Earth. The Earth’s surface temperature stands at an alarming 1.2°C. The state of Himachal Pradesh in India has faced the ill effects of changing climates. The drastic changes should be put in check as soon as possible. We should try to find alternatives that will aid the Earth. 

Afforestation can be a great way to restore the ecosystem. Planting more trees will result in the carbon being soaked in by the trees. It will lower greenhouse gases. If we do not act promptly now, our civilization will face tremendous challenges. Disastrous consequences have been recorded in recent times. 

Sudden occurrences of landslides have become very normal. The monsoon season has made the residents experience some catastrophic phenomena. Flash Floods & CloudBursts have made some serious damages to the state. Many lives were lost during this occurrence. As many as 246 lives perished. The death count has seen a significant rise this year. According to data produced, the number of deaths last year was recorded at 161. 

Himachal Pradesh Plagued By Climatic Disasters

Himachal Pradesh is considered one of the beautiful places in India. The mountain ranges coupled with their picturesque scenery make Himachal Pradesh heaven. Tourists visit the state throughout the year. However, everything does not seem to be alright with the beautiful state. The ill-effects of environmental changes have started to plague the Himachal as well. 

The State has experienced a flurry of landslides, flash floods, and bursting clouds. This has made life difficult for the locals. Many people have failed to survive this sudden change. 218 people died due to various natural disasters till August. Kinnaur experienced a dangerous landslide on 11th August. Twenty-eight people were killed adding up to the death tally. To date, Himachal Pradesh has experienced a large number of landslides(35). 

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Cloud bursts and Flash flood occurrences are also on the rise since last year. An alarming increase of 121% in cloud bursts has been recorded. There have been seventeen accounts of landslides reported this year.

Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Climate: Why Is It Happening? 

According to renowned environmentalists, change in climate is responsible for these phenomena. Activities of anthropogenic nature were also to be blamed. The Disaster Management of Himachal Pradesh discovered a shocking fact. The average temperature of the surface went up by 1.6°C. Further studies have also shown a change in the weather and rainfall pattern. Such changes have resulted in frequent landslides and untimely rainfall.

The state has recorded fairly high temperatures in Shimla. The monsoon and winter flow in the rivers(Beas & Chenab) also experienced anomalies. Another main reason speculated for the change in climate is industrialization. 

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Himachal Pradesh is undergoing a lot of industrial developments at the moment. However, Suresh Attri has denied such claims. He did not admit the changes were due to industrial activities. Attri is the Principal Scientific Officer(Environment) of the state. The government should find ways to restore the balance. Sustainable measures should be implemented to save the state from further damages. 

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