Homeless Cat Shows Friendship & Love Towards Dog

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A homeless cat was found comforting a dog that seemed to be abandoned on the road. The love and loyalty of animals have always been unquestionable. Animal minds have always been known to be simple. They are not surrounded by complications of the human brain. An animal can show incomparable love, affection, and loyalty. 

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Dogs are considered the epitome of faithful animals. They portray unconditional love and affection towards their master. However, it was a cat that took up the responsibility of providing solace to a dog. A dog seemed to lay abandoned on the road for quite a while. It looked sad and pale. This was when a homeless cat took a special liking to it. The cat made sure to cheer the dog on and provided company. Their bonding is an example of unconditional friendship and love. 

Homeless Cat & Deserted Dog Find Peace In Cute Friendship 

Homeless Cat

Dogs are usually fond of people. They like to be surrounded and pampered by their loved ones. This mentality of dogs reflects in their deep love towards their masters. They treat their custodian as part of their own family. However, it becomes extremely difficult for them to survive without their loved ones. When the caretaker passes away or a family abandons their pets, dogs have a tough time adjusting. 

A similar incident was witnessed when a senior couple moved out to live in an assisted home. This left their pet dog abandoned and alone. He was seen strolling aimlessly and sadly. The dog refused to eat and drink. He remained stationary at a fixed spot laying on a blanket. This was when a homeless cat came to the rescue. The cat showed tremendous care and love towards the dog. In no time, both of them become best friends. The cat went wherever the dog went. They used to play the whole day and sleep together at night. In the cutest of gestures, both of them were spotted hugging each other. 

Homeless Cat

After about six months, it was time for the winter to set in. The residents became worried and one of them built a temporary home. Soon, a veterinary doctor examined them after being rescued from the streets. The pair is reportedly doing fine and has been listed for adoption. 

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