Pictures Show A Huge Change In The Arctic Landscape, Taken A Century Apart

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The change in the Arctic Landscape shows how the climate has been affected due to man-made elements.

Arctic Landscape

The discussion about climate is an important one and activists around the world are pushing the world leaders to take necessary actions. Actions need to be taken before a situation arises where we will be left helpless.  

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There have been drastic climatic changes and it is only getting started. We come across pictures and videos from other geographic locations, which makes us realize that such changes have taken place all over the world and not just where we live.

Comparing The Arctic Landscape: Present Vs A Century Earlier

Arctic Landscape

A comparison between two images of the Arctic Landscape is being shared on Twitter. These photos were taken over 100 years apart and are showing huge changes brought about by climate changes.

IFS Officer, Parveen Kaswan, shared the images and captioned them, “This is Arctic 105 years apart. Both pictures were taken in the summer. Do you notice anything special? Courtesy Christian Åslund.”

You can clearly spot a mountain range in the first picture since it shows a wall of glaciers in front. The second picture showed something way different than what was expected.

Mr. Åslund And His Study On The Arctic Landscape

Arctic Landscape

This study was shared by one, MR Kaswan, and was a part of a 2003 series created by photographer Christian Åslund and Greenpeace, titled “Glacier comparison – Svalbard.” 

As per a Snopes report, the series contained 7 such visual comparisons of contemporary images and archival images from the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Screenshot 21
Christian Åslund

Mr. Åslund spoke about how he shot that picture in 2003. Knowledge about climatic changes was not as common as they are right now and their attitude towards climate change were way different.

People were shocked to observe how the Arctic Landscape had changed and how bad, things actually were. 

One user wrote, “The thing is, everyone knows Global Warming is the main threat, still we are using single-use plastics and other worst plastics. No one is taking measures.”

Another user commented, “Don’t want the day to come when a similar photo comparison will be made between the Gangotri glacier of 2001 and 2031.”

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A third user stated, “Climate change doesn’t mean it’s getting hotter alone. We see abnormal weather patterns, floods in places that received less rain, and drought in places that received good rain. For example, southern India now. There is rain during harvesting season, that destroys the crops.”

The difference between the two images and the sharp contrast in the Arctic Landscape has grabbed the attention of millions. The change in climate is a true phenomenon and people need to make amends as soon as possible or else it will be too late for us to do anything. This is the time for us to step up and make it count.

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