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Huge Old-Growth Tree Logged And Hauled On The Highway In British Columbia

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Lorna Beecroft, a resident of Vancouver Island, was on a routine grocery run on a cloudy morning, on Tuesday. On the highway, though, she saw an alarming scene of an old-growth tree that she photographed with her mobile. To her surprise, the picture has since gone viral with millions talking about it.

Beecroft was driving along the Nanaimo Parkway at about 9 in the morning. At one point, in front of her was a truck carrying an enormous old-growth tree on its back. She said in an interview that her first reaction was pure astonishment. She admits she had never something that large being hauled by a truck. She jokes that she is neither young nor someone who is seeing a truck for the first time.

In her interview, she continued that the very first thought she had was one of disbelief. She simply could not believe the scene in front of her eyes that she was witnessing. Then, after her brain processed what her eyes saw, the next question that popped up was how old the tree was and what was the story behind it being hauled by the truck on that highway.

The Surprise With The Photo

She did not have many expectations when she posted it on the internet. The photo’s reach and impact were a pleasant surprise for Lorna. She said that she had only thought about sharing the snap with some of her friends. But it did not take long for it to get blow up completely. It was very viral.

Beecroft revealed that people from across the globe had started contacting her about the old-growth tree. The list of nationalities included the United States, Germany, and even Japan.

old-growth tree

The photo of the old-growth tree was later shared by Sonia Fursteneau, the leader of BC Green Party, the David Suzuki Foundation, and several thousand accounts on social media. Many environmental activists are making use of the picture to indicate that B. C. has to do more about preserving forests of old growth from logging. They said that the tree possibly came from a forest that was not very far from Lorna’s home.

Arrests numbering over 100 have already been made thus far. The arrests were done at blockades designed to prevent logging of old-growth trees in the Vancouver Island area. Last week, an injunction from the court started being enforced. It would allow workers employed by Teal-Jones Group to begin logging once more in the area. The other area is the watershed in the south named Fairy Creek, close to Port Renfrew.

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Local activists have said to the media that not many of the best forests having old-growth trees are left in British Columbia. They pointed out Fairy Creek being the last remaining intact, unprotected valley of old growth on the southern side of Vancouver Island.

The Story Behind The Old-Growth Tree

However, the pictured old-growth tree does not come from this region. The Forest Ministry identified in a press statement that the one pictured was a Spruce. It came from the island’s northern part. It had been felled somewhere in the period of March and August of 2020.old-growth tree

The ministry added that the tree was transported in last year’s August at first. There was still a month to go until the Special Tree Protection Regulation would come into force on 11th September 2020.

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Lorna added that protecting these forests from logging is one of the most important issues. She explains that they might never exist again, and replacing them might be impossible for us too. She is not against logging but wants companies to be more sustainable in their practices. She called to applaud the Fairy Creek activists who are giving their all to protect the trees.  

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