Hugging Frogs Were Caught On Camera And has Won People’s Attention

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The lives of wildlife photographers are quite tough as they have to wait for the perfect time to click. Such is the case of the picture of hugging frogs and his efforts were appreciated greatly by the netizens.

The photographer has been fond of the wild and spent his time looking for animals in Bogor to click a picture. 

Hugging Frogs

Ajar Setiadi was from Indonesia and did not have a passion for wildlife photography in the beginning. He used to spend time looking at small animals that lived around his house. He thought that his work would bring more fruits if he could take pictures of these small animals. He had bought a camera and experimented on snakes, frogs, insects, and lizards.

Ajar spent hours on end observing the tiny animals in various stages of their lives. He has managed to click sweet pictures on the way and witnessed hugging frogs which was a heartwarming moment in his life.

The Day Ajar Saw Hugging Frogs

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The day was quite rainy and it poured into the forest near Ajar’s house. He grabbed his camera and moved towards the deep forest to look for frames. He never expected to catch a glimpse of this beautiful moment in nature. He spotted two hugging frogs sitting under a flower, that was shielding them from the heavy downpour. The flower was used as an umbrella and the frogs were cozily cuddled under it.

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The hugging frogs offered something special and Ajar wasted no time to capture that moment in his camera. He could only get a few frames as this moment was not repeated. He lets the animals do their own thing, while he waits patiently to click the picture at the right moment.


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 Ajar has become quite skillful in his passion and has created an Instagram page to upload his work. He puts up pictures on his page frequently and you can check all his pictures out. The image of the hugging frogs still remains and will remain as one of his best clicks.

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