Video Of A Benevolent Human Chain Rescuing Dog Proves Humanity Is Still Alive

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We have seen various videos of people trying to save the animals they love. This next video is about a human chain rescuing dog in danger. We have seen a man saving a baby elephant or a lady that rescued a kangaroo. We have also seen animals reciprocate the love where a kangaroo keeps hugging its saviors.

Animals and humans are both born with feelings and it is because of these feelings that we try to save their lives or try our best to make them feel comfortable. 

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Animals have been rendered homeless after rapid urbanization was observed on the surface. Humans have claimed land from water and even from forests. Forests are cut down and made way for agricultural land or to supply logs to the construction sectors. The animals from such habitats are left with no home. The video of a human chain rescuing dog touches our hearts and makes us realize that we should always try to empathize with such animals and help them out in any way possible.

The Human Chain Rescuing Dog Video

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The video had received more than 4 million views and presents intense drama. The clip was shot by an onlooker near the Sayran reservoir in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

The video starts with a puppy being observed at the bottom of the canal and surrounded by running water. A man slides down the slope of the reservoir and moves through the rushing water to reach the stranded dog.

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The small pup was almost being washed away by the force of the water but the young man arrived on time to help it. The man brought the dog to the side of the canal but he could not bring the puppy out all the way. The onlookers do not waste any time in thinking and form a human chain by locking hands. 

The Human chain rescuing dog video is of 4 minutes long, while the group works hard to save the scared puppy to reach back to the ground.

They have a few unsuccessful trials and later join their hands together to form a human chain and they hauled the dog up along with the first rescuer back to dry land. The drama had hit a small snag when they were short by just one member. Another rescuer jumps over the fence and regroups the chain. They try once again and pull them up to safety.

Human Chain Rescuing Dog

The heroics of all these people will get you on your feet and cheering them on. The woman shooting the video is doing so. The video might mean different things to different people. Some might talk about teamwork while others might talk about bravery. But what we saw was hope! 

Hope Is The Word

We saw that humanity was still left in some people in this Human Chain Rescuing Dog video. These people can go to extremes to save a poor life from threats. We could see a change in humans, a glimmer of hope, that they could save the planet from the upcoming disaster and climate changes and do their best to try and make this Earth habitable for generations to come. The people in this video of Human Chain rescuing Dog are the torchbearers for such a change that is yet to come. These people will not get anything in return but they are doing everything they can, just to save a small and precious life. 

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