Hydrogen From The Sea Can Be Pumped by New Nanomaterial

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Hydrogen from the sea can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. It is abundantly found and is also sustainable compared to the latter. The only issue in harvesting this source of power is having the technical know-how. The technicalities have limited us from harvesting the hydrogen from the sea.

Hydrogen From The Sea

The University of Central Florida has come up with a device that can split water molecules into its constituents- oxygen and the fuel, hydrogen. The device is currently working at a nanoscale. The process by which it splits the molecule is known as electrolysis. 

Yang Yang has stated that this device would open new windows for producing hydrogen from water, which will, in turn, be used as fuel. Yang is a professor at the UCF and looks after the NanoScience Center. 

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The hydrogen from the sea could be used as fuel and can have a major role in combating climate change. This gas would be transformed into electricity and used in fuel cells. These cells would then generate water as a by-product and will contribute to a sustainable energy source. 

How The Hydrogen From The Sea Would Work

Hydrogen From The Sea

A thin film was made with nanostructures on either side. The surface was made of nickel selenide and was doped with phosphor and iron. The combination of these elements offers greater stability and higher efficiency. These can be used on an industrial scale to produce fuel but the competing reactions would affect its efficiency. 

The latest material that has been created could balance out these reactions. It is estimated to be low in cost and high in performance. 

The researchers at UCF have achieved a high-efficiency rate while working for over 200 hours. 

Hydrogen From The Sea

The dual-doped thin-film surpassed all its predecessors in electrolysis performance and met the demands required in large industries. 

The research team at UCF will continue to work on this project and look for ways to improve the efficiency of this device. The hydrogen from the sea would be an important source of power in the future and hence, it requires commercialization in the present.

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