Iceland Whaling Will Be Extinct Within 2024

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Iceland Whaling is one of the most popular businesses. It was very much popular during the 90s and prospered as a lucrative business. The killing of wild animals has resulted in a lot of problems recently.

Illegal killing and poaching of meat and skin are becoming a growing concern. These practices become responsible to affect the ecological food chain significantly. A lot of exotic species have faced the problem in recent years.

The rapid killing has made them stand on the brink of extinction. Practices of the killing of wild animals persist throughout the world. Recent news about other farming shocked the world.

It was found that tigers were being held captive inside a farm. After a few days, they were killed for various purposes. next page The most shocking thing was that the authorities could not do anything specific to ban such inhuman practices.

Another news story revealed that rhinoceros are being killed mindlessly. This was done in order to sell the horn of the animal. The horn has a huge value in the black market. Clients are ready to pay hefty amounts to own such horns.

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Other than these animals, elephants and various other wild animals face a disheartening fate every day. The IUCN Red List released a list of the critically-endangered species. A lot of exotic species are featured on the list.

If measures are not undertaken right now, these animals would cease to exist. Iceland Whaling is also a similar kind of practice. People of Iceland started killing whales for their meat. This was one of the most popular businesses previously.

People used to love the taste of whale meat. However, over the years, things have changed drastically. The whaling industry has almost died.

This has led the government to announce the end of the practice. They promised to wrap up the inhuman procedure of Iceland Whaling within 2024. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Iceland Whaling Witness A Downward Demand Curve 

Iceland Whaling prospered in the early 90s. Many people jumped into the business looking at the time profit margins. People of Iceland loved to eat the meat or whales that made the industry bloom.

Unfortunately, over time, the industry seemed to go down the drain. As the awareness about the environment and animal welfare kept growing, the demand for Iceland Whaling took a rapid downward dip.

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The government stated that in recent years, the industry has almost gone down the drain. According to recently published data, Iceland just has a solitary whaling company remaining at the moment.

Whale watching Husavik8

The global market for whales has had a rapid decline. There is almost zero demand for whale meat. The only company left in Iceland has managed to kill just one whale since 2019. 

Iceland Whaling Will No Longer Exist After 2024 

Looking at the sorry state of Iceland Whaling, the government has issued a statement recently. They vowed to wrap up the Iceland Whaling industry completely by the year 2024.

Svandis Svavarsdóttir is a popular political face of the country. Svandis said that no economic gain was taking place from the whale killing. The politician felt that Iceland should not continue to risk investing in a dead business.

There was no evident proof that the business would be revived. The problem of a sharp decline in the Iceland Whaling business is the emergence of Japan. Japan has been the leader in terms of whaling recently. This has led the markets of Iceland to go down. The final nail in the coffin was the pandemic.

Coronavirus made all businesses come to a standstill. This hampered the Iceland Whaling business and resulted in their eventual downfall. 

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