India’s Young Environmental Hero Produces Vegetable Paper From Waste

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A young recycler from India is doing her bit to fight a waste disposal crisis in her country. She has produced green vegetable paper from various vegetable wastes. An average family in India produces around 300 to 1000 grams of kitchen waste daily and producing paper directly from vegetable waste is a unique initiative by this little girl.

Manya Harsha is already a sustainability crusader at the tender age of 10. The environmental activist from the Indian state of Bengaluru has found a way of making handmade vegetable paper from everyday kitchen waste even as the whole world is battling the pandemic. Her simple dictum was to turn everyday garbage into a piece of paper every day.

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A Concern For The City Inspired Manya To Make Her Vegetable Paper

She is saddened that the garden city has been gradually drowning in its trash which keeps increasing each day. She resolved to find a permanent and eco-friendly solution to turn plant and flower waste into vegetable paper in an environmentally friendly manner.

She says that it takes 8 trees to make a thousand pounds of paper and thousands of gallons of water. She has managed to make two to three paper sheets of A4 size from around 10 onion skins. 500 grams of pea shells yields 3 sheets of vegetable paper of the same size, while two to three baby corn shells make 2 sheets. These vegetable papers are similar to any normal handmade paper and can be folded, painted, or written upon. She doesn’t use any chemicals in her vegetable paper. And the greatest thing is that these papers can be turned into fertilizers once they are used.

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She believes that instead of cutting down trees, the process of recycling domestic kitchen waste into making vegetable paper is a more environmentally friendly method. She is behind several other environmental campaigns to clean up the earth of plastic and other waste through various campaigns. Manya was praised by UN-Water for her efforts through her Facebook page. She is also a recipient of the Water Heroes Award for her article on water conservation from the Government of India.

Image Featured: APN

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