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Indian Palm Oil Projects Can Be An Environmental Threat

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Indian Palm Oil Projects have been designed with a lot of enthusiasm. However, a number of environmentalists have issued warnings. Deforestation has been a serious issue for a long time. Indian forests have a significant history of deforestation. 

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The burst of population and industries in India has led to the problem of land scarcity. In order to accommodate more people, forests are being mercilessly destroyed. Deforestation has some long-lasting effects on the ecosystem. The decrease in canopy cover leads to less carbon absorption. Carbons trapped in the atmosphere will cause the temperatures to soar. 

Another big drawback of cutting down trees is the extinction of wildlife. Merciless cutting down of trees makes animals lose their natural habitat. This will gradually result in the extinction of species. A recent report by the IUCN Red List named 902 species as extinct. 

The cultivation of Palm Oil will also require a large number of trees to be cut down. This has led the environmentalists to criticize the idea. Let us know more about the Indian Palm Oil Projects below.

Indian Palm Oil Projects To Harm The Environment?

Indian Palm Oil Projects
Indian Palm Oil Projects

India has decided to be self-sufficient. The country has so far been dependent on other nations for palm oil. The decision was taken to reduce the dependence and structure their own palm oil production. A series of policies were announced by the central government earlier in August. These policies aimed to consolidate oil production significantly. 

One of the biggest consumers of palm is India. The oil derived from palms is used in various products. It ranges from chips, soaps, etc. The country used to import most of its oil from overseas. However, the prices have spiked up significantly due to the ongoing pandemic. This price hike has resulted in the government of India opting for Indian Palm Oil Projects. 

The Indian Palm Oil projects will require a large amount of land. Environmentalists are wary of the fact that this might endanger a series of unique flora and fauna. The government has ensured that palm oil production will take place only on previously used lands. However, nature enthusiasts are still very much doubtful. 

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