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Indigenous Rights Can Be Vital Towards Fighting Climate Change

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Indigenous Rights are the most important factors in recent times. The tribal people of America are very much vulnerable to climatic anomalies. Change in climate has been one of the biggest issues in recent times. Globalization has a huge role to play in the changing climatic trends. Mankind has progressed in leaps. This has led to a number of good and bad things happening. 

One of the biggest cons has been the threat to the environment. Most human inventions have caused major damages to Mother Earth. The more technologically efficient we have become, the more we have impacted the environment. Pollution is a major source of environmental contamination. Industrial and technological wastes cause a lot of environmental hazards. Water pollution, Air pollution are the two most dreadful factors that contribute to the changing climate. 

indigenous rights

Greenhouse effects and Global warming have made the whole world sit up and take notice. Countries are busy devising ways to curb the polluting factors. Thus, it is very much evident that the tribal people will face more difficulties encountering the anomalies. The tribals are neither well equipped with modern techniques nor do they have the financial capability to see off the disasters. 

Thus, protecting indigenous rights is of utmost importance. They should be educated adequately to cope with the changing climatic trends. Sufficient amenities must be provided in order to make them capable. This issue has been recently given much attention to by the US government. Let us learn more about the rights of the tribal people in detail below. 

Indigenous Rights Are Now A Serious Issue 

Indigenous Rights have been talked about a lot in recent times. Fawn Sharp is the head of the American Indians’ National Congress. Sharp has given a detailed account of the problems faced by the indigenous people. She stated that their lives were frequently plagued by wildfires, floods, and droughts. Sharp is also the vice president of the Nation Of Indian Quinault. 

They have decided to move a couple of villages to grounds of higher altitude. This decision was taken because the villages were located next to the sea. This made the village prone to frequent floods. Such a hostile environment plagued the lives of the villagers. 

indigenous rights

American President Joe Biden has taken up the matter with utmost interest. He has restarted a council that looks after the welfare of the Native Americans. This move made Sharp optimistic. She stated that it was finally time when the indigenous rights will be given their due importance and respect. 

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Indigenous Rights Protection Can Aid The Environment Significantly 

Protection of Indigenous Rights can be a two-way benefit. One of the biggest benefits can be the protection of the environment. It has been observed that the environment around the native territories is less damaged by human activities. In a recent study, a shocking result has been found. 

During the span of 2003 to 2016, the tribal areas of the Amazon Basin lost only 0.17% of stored carbon. However, the figures were much more concerning outside the tribal area. A loss of 0.53% of stored carbon was recorded each year in urban areas. This report was published by the “Forest Governance by Indigenous and Tribal People’s“. 

A large chunk of the credit goes to the indigenous people. They have a number of eco-friendly practices that aid the environment. Regeneration of forests, proper harvesting methods, and reforestation help the environment to heal. 

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Thus, it is safe to say that the protection of Indigenous Rights should be dealt with with more attention. Protecting Indigenous Rights is the easiest way to combat the ill effects of climatic abnormalities.

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