Indonesia Doing Marvels In Preservation Of Rainforests

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Indonesia is a country rich in greenery. More than a third of the total world’s rainforest can be found here. It is thus very important to work towards the preservation of these forests. The modern world has caused a lot of harm to nature. The Earth is being constantly affected by the harmful deeds of humans. Cutting down trees is one such deed. Deforestation has led to several consequences. The merciless butchering of the trees has caused major climate changes. Desertification of land, soil erosion, flooding are some of the ill effects of deforestation. Thus, it is very much important to take good care of the trees. 

Indonesia Records Best Preservation In Thirty Years 


Indonesian rainforests are also home to certain species and animals. The forests contain exclusive species of rhinos, birds, gibbons, tigers & leopards. The rainforests are also inhabited by the local tribes of Indonesia. The government has ensured that proper techniques are implemented for preserving them. The country has reportedly been doing fantastic in preserving its greenery. 


Joko Widodo is the President of Indonesia. He has inflicted a series of land reforms. Widodo also established a moratorium on logging. His measures seem to have paid off. The country recorded the highest rate of deforestation decline in the year 2020. The 75% decline is said to be the highest in thirty years. Earlier the country had an open policy towards businessmen. The palm oil business was one of the most lucrative businesses in the country. To maximize gains, natural forests were cut down, and palm vegetation was implemented instead. 

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Indonesia boasts of some unique species such as the Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, Rhinos,  Starlings, Dwarf Buffalo & Sunda clouded leopards. With the implication of new policies, the restoration of forestland seems a reality. Indonesia has been praised and supported by the government of Norway. They have set up a fund worth €1b to aid the country’s deforestation needs. Oyvind Eggen is the director at the Norwegian Foundation of Rainforests. He expressed his happiness for Indonesia. Eggen was positive about the country’s ability to progress further in the future. 

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