Indonesian Water Priest Ends Drought In Sambikoe

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Indonesian Water Priest has solved the scarcity of water in the village of Sambikoe. Availability of clean drinking water was always a huge problem for the villagers. There was an acute shortage of clean water. Apart from the water issues, the village was also plagued by other serious drawbacks. Education facilities also lagged in Sambikoe. 

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A man named Father Tus Mansuetus took up the initiative to give the villagers better days. He was one of the few residents that were able to get a decent education. Father Tus completed both primary and high school. He also attended university at the Theology & Philosophy College Of Widya Sasana. Father Mansuetus became a priest officially in the year 2004, in Germany. The Indonesian Water Priest solved the problem of water and education for the villagers. Now everyone in the village can concentrate more on productivity. 

Indonesian Water Priest: A Superhero Story

Father Tus Mansuetus was born in the small Indonesian village of Sambikoe. He belonged to the financially wretched Nusa Tenggara Province of the East. He had a very rough childhood. Father Tus still remembers the struggle he had to undergo to fetch clean water. According to Mansuetus, a tiring three km trekking had to be done to fetch clean drinking water. To add to the woes, the task should be completed early in the morning. 

The Indonesian Water Priest is currently in Italy working as a missionary. He was always disturbed by the sight of the obstacles faced by his fellow people. Tus decided to bring a series of changes. With the help of some of his Italian acquaintances, they structured a girl’s common room. The project was completed within 2012 and was set up at the Waemokel Catholic School.

Indonesian Water Priest
Indonesian Water Priest

The Indonesian Water Priest next focused on the need for drinking water. He, along with fundings from the Bolzano administration(Italy), set up pumps, reservoirs & pipes. After one year of hard work, the piping was linked with a spring. The priest seemed very happy to have helped his village. The father seemed relieved about the fact that children and women did not have to struggle for water anymore. 

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