Jag Wah: The Savior Of Forests, Created By Greenpeace

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Jag Wah is the new hero for the environment and was created by Greenpeace. It came alive in a bold animation video and exposed the truths behind industrial animal farming. Jag Wah also touched on topics like rainforest annihilation in the small video clips.

Meet Jag Wah in the small video that we have presented: 

The Film Introduces Jag Wah, The Jaguar

The film was for 2 minutes and spoke of a monster in the kitchen. The small child felt numb and did not know what to do. The small video highlighted issues that were destroying the relations between the rainforests and the meat industry.

2018 had seen Rang Tan talk about the impacts of palm oil production and the rainforests in Indonesia. Jag Wah followed in his footsteps and talked about another issue dealing with the meat industry.

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Rang Tan became an internet sensation after it was banned from TV screens in the UK. It was considered too political and had further amplified the message it carried. Palm oil still remains in a high position on the environmental agendas. 

Recent data has shown that palm oil contributes to 10% of the EU deforestation footprints while 50% is attributed to soya imports. It was then concluded that soya production is responsible for 5 times the deforestation caused due to palm oil production. Large amounts of soya are imported into the UK and the major purpose of it is animal feed.+

The movie begins with a kid looking for midnight snacks and meets Jag Wah. JagWah carries an important message about the choices of food and speaks about how deforestation has destroyed his home.

The animation was quite dramatic as jag Wah was depicted as a monster but the message was flipped when the animal narrates its story.

Jag Wah

The Jag Wah spoke about a monster in its forest that turned its home into ash and grew something else.

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It made feed for chickens and cows to sell more meat and their evil empires grew in size, while the forest depleted.

Huge areas of rainforests are being lost to cattle grazing and creating soy plantations to feed the cattle. Cattle ranching is held responsible for 80% of the deforestation and this destruction had led to a variety of societal and environmental concerns. 

The Main Message Behind The Jag Wah Video

The most prominent topic is the change in the climate. The changes are driven by humans and create irreversible consequences on the world. 

The Amazon rainforests absorb carbon dioxide and regulate the planet’s temperature but were seen to be a victim of this climate change. 

We might reach a point where Amazon can not support itself by generating rains. Several tones of carbon will be released into the atmosphere and it can cause major issues all over the planet.

The indigenous communities are under threat as they are losing their homes and are attacked frequently by the loggers and ranchers. 

The jaguar is affected by the forest fires as Greenpeace took this chance to choose Jag Wah as their hero.

The recent fires in the Pantanal region had put 600 jaguars in danger. It is estimated that 2,000 jaguars live in the area. 

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The film provides a solution to all this chaos. 

Jag Wah

The child realizes everything that has gone wrong and knows what to do now. He plans to consume more plants and vegetables instead of meat and intends to swap the non-veg for bean stew. The small child has realized that he can tackle deforestation at its roots and allow the planet to renew itself.

Industrial meat is a key player in destroying large rainforests. Whenever you sit for a meal think about the consequences and decide to shape your future. The cumulation of small choices holds great power and can overthrow these evil empires. Jag Wah had made its point and hopes that mankind can change their habits before it’s too late.

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