Jason Momoa Supports Sustainable Vegan Sneakers That Contains Algae

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Celebrities have been promoting sustainable fashion products as there are increasing concerns across the world over the environment. Jason Momoa has also joined efforts and has released a couple of vegan sneakers. These limited-edition algae sneakers are part of Jason Momoa’s collection, On the Room. Every material used is sustainable. Cork has been used as a top layer, the outsoles are biodegradable, and the upper is from organic rubber.

He is promoting it in partnership with So iLL. BLOOM is assisting Jason Momoa in his efforts. BLOOM is a mission to use algae as a way to clean the environment and provide sustainable materials that are algae-based for footwear and other accessories.

While uncontrollable algae growth is harmful to the aquatic ecosystem as it lowers the level of oxygen in the water and shuts out sunlight. The shoes do not use conventional plastic foam. Instead, it has been replaced with algae foam that is inserted into the insoles. Yaya Lavender Roamers and Unity Purple are the two shoes released by Jason Momoa as part of the On the Roam Collection.

The shoes also use cork and organic cotton. The material is completely biodegradable. The outer soles are also made with a specialized rubber which decomposes quickly in landfills. Algae foam is injected into the molded upper.

BLOOM has collaborated with innumerable brands to make sustainable products that include everything from shoes to surfboards. The rubber outsoles are mixed with an innovative Eco Pure technology that cuts down the time it takes to decompose in landfills. These eco-conscious products have a positive and active impact on the environment. Even the packaging has been kept free from plastics.

Jason Momoa Has Been Earlier Associated With Environmental Issues

Jason Momoa’s tattoos are the inspiration behind the design of the shoes. The star of the super hit, Aquaman has spoken out about the degradation of the environment and the climate crisis which is already upon us. He had launched Mananalu, a line of canned water that uses recycled aluminum as a packing material.

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The product, launched in 2019, spread awareness of the uncontrolled use of single-use plastic that is polluting the oceans and land around the planet. He had promoted his mission to put a stop to the use of single-use plastic by posting a picture of him without his iconic beard.

The Hawaiian actor is not vegan himself. But he has also expressed his concern over the degrading environment. At a UN event in 2019, He has spoken out for island nations that are bearing the brunt of the pollution that is wreaking havoc on the developed nations.

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He believes that mankind has slowly transformed into a disease that is slowly killing the planet. He said that the pollution has affected every part of the planet and its atmosphere and we have to act immediately.

The Sneakers Are Not The Only Offering

Since the launch of the So iLL x On The Roam collaboration by Jason Momoa, many more products have been launched through the direct-to-customer router. They include tees, face masks, chalk bags, and waterproof bags for the outdoors.

Jason Momoa’s enthusiasm for climbing brought him in contact with Daniel Chancellor, the founder of So iLL, in this collaboration. They both came from a similar place with a climbing background. This Midwestern upbringing made them enthusiastic about creating a brand that will be a refuge for enthusiasts of climbing, people who seek the freedom that the sport gives.

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Jason Momoa has opened up about his mission to help the planet and climbing has been a part of his sustainable journey. He was in it from the beginning, being a marine and wildlife biology major. He says that major companies have the solution to produce more environmentally friendly products, but they are worried about the costs. So he felt that he had to try it instead. 

Momoa signs off by saying that we cannot always take from the planet, we need to give back as well. He says that even he has been part of the single-use plastic life and he feels guilty about it.

All Image credits: Miles Clark/Bloom

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