Jharkhand Green Warriors Manually Transplant Tree With Just Their Shoulders

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Trees have been felled ruthlessly to make way for construction projects in the Indian state of Jharkhand. But some Jharkhand green warriors have taken it on themselves, literally, to save as many trees as they can.

A recent picture has gone viral over all the social media platforms of the warriors carrying an uprooted tree. The tree is grown-up and the only tools the Jharkhand green warriors are using are their shoulders. The group of young men is seemingly trying to manually transplant the tree. Needless to say, lovers of the environment lost their hearts to the picture.

The Jharkhand Green Warriors Have The Best Machine: Their Strength

In the picture, six Jharkhand green warriors could be seen lifting a tree fastened to a pole of bamboo. They used their bare shoulders to leverage the pole. The picture is only one step in their attempt of shifting the tree to a safer location, where it will not be killed. They are manually transplanting the tree to someplace safer because they want it to grow independently, and without any human interference causing any harm to it.

Of course, netizens are bewildered by the fact that the Jharkhand green warriors are not using any heavy machinery or mechanisms. Their attempt to shift the tree only included the rural and traditional methods that have been passed down through the ages. The rustic knowledge of the Jharkhand green warriors was more than enough to save the uprooted tree.

However, the reasons behind the tree being uprooted are not known. The possible reason behind the tree’s uprooting could be a sudden tempest. Or, the Jharkhand green warriors may have dug the tree out themselves. The tree might have been about to be cut down since it was in the way of developmental projects planned for the region.

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The picture was posted by Sanjay Kumar, a Deputy Collector posted in Jharkhand. The picture has been extremely viral on the internet. The netizens have given it a lot of attention, resulting in well over 5,500 likes. The official used the proverb, “A picture says more than 1,000 words”, for the picture that he shared. He was possibly meaning how a picture showcasing such an amazing action is much more valuable than the myriad promises only spoken. Most of the time, the promises are not upheld after all.

True Green Soldiers

Users on Twitter flooded the picture with tons of comments. Most of them gave a salute to the Jharkhand Green Warrior’s heroic endeavors. It truly is amazing to think that a handful of village youths did what many refuse to do because of a lack of machinery. They showed how that machinery is not required at all when the intention and will are there.

Sukumar Das, one of the commenters, said that these youngsters were the true warriors of the environment. He said that they are deserving of a huge salute since they are the ones who care the most for the future. Another one said that these Jharkhand green warriors were India’s true heroes. The user also brought up the topic of the destruction of the Buxwaha forests for the sake of a diamond mine.

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Another commenter, Shanta, said that they felt more joy about how well the young men understood the significance of planting. Another one called them soldiers and how no inventions can replace trees as oxygen generators.

The report from the government states that Jharkhand’s forest area covers 29.61% of the state. The total tree and forest cover counted together comprises nearly 33.21% of Jharkhand’s geographical area. However, agricultural developments and population growth are depleting the state’s forest area.

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