Kagzi Bottles Developed By Indian Women Are Biodegradable And Cheaper

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A sustainable startup in Noida, Uttar Pradesh has developed wholly compostable paper bottles. The startup, Kagzi Bottles is headed by Samiksha Ganeriwal. The bottle developed by the startup is ideal for beverages, liquids, powders, and toiletries.

The nation generates over 3.3M metric tons of waste plastic every year according to a report published in 2018-19.

Ganeriwal says that she first started work in her college days when there was no substitute for plastic for many uses. She always wanted to find a substitute for it and that was when she decided that she would try to find one on her own. But it was only in 2018 that she finally found a substance that could replace plastic.

Persistence Led To The Creation Of The Kagzi Bottles

She approached scientists and product designers to come up with a substitute. She found that there was little awareness of any process that could lead to a similar product. No machinery could handle the new products and she had to get one manufactured from scratch.


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She had to bring in the correct people who were aware of the challenge they were facing and had a passion to go the whole way. She then had to face a closed mindset that worked against trying out a new product.

The Kagzi bottles are brown unlike the clear transparency of plastic bottles. but the product gained acceptance gradually. With the ban on the use of plastic in products like bags, cups, and spoons, Ganeriwal realized that she had to come up with an immediate alternative. 

The Hindi word Kaagzi comes from the word for paper, Kaagaz. While multinationals like L’Oreal and Coca-Cola have also produced plastic packaging material, it is coated with layers of plastic that prevent loss of moisture.

But Kagzi bottles instead are unique in that respect as they are totally compostable. Made from paper pulp sourced from Himachal Pradesh, the raw material is mixed with paper and certain biodegradable chemicals and then molded into the desired shapes.

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At present Kagzi bottles are used mainly in lotions, conditioners, and shampoos. The prices are less than plastic and Kagzi Bottles now produces 200,000 bottles a month. Ganeriwal is confident that these sustainable bottles are the products of the future and will eventually replace plastic.

Kagzi bottles can be an alternative to plastic from packaging various products including food. Ganeriwal hopes that people realize the urgency of looking for more sustainable alternatives to save the world from being drowned in plastic.

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