Video Of Kissing Hyena Break The Internet As Netizens Left In Awe

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All animals know about love and affection, and they know about repaying them as well – even nature’s greatest predators. This animal video of a kissing hyena is the most recent evidence.

Of course, one must have the proper knowledge and techniques mastered when dealing with them. So much so that it is recommended to not interfere with them, and be wary and respectful of them, whenever possible. But Jay Brewer has dedicated his life to caring for dangerous animals. His specialty lies with reptiles, but he is no stranger to quadrupedal predators either.

The Kissing Heyna Is An Unprecedented Scene

At the beginning of the month, he managed to break the internet, again with an animal video showing a kissing hyena. Of course, he was the object of the animal’s attention. The breeder of wildlife said in the caption that he had never imagined he would be receiving smooches from a hyena. However, one can never know what next is going to happen at his place.

Jay Brewer is a famous enthusiast of reptiles. He has founded the Reptile Zoom, and also owns a store named Prehistoric Pets in Los Angeles’ Fountain Valley. His forte is in breeding articulated pythons, whose patterns and colorations are famous throughout the world. Of course, being so close to such dangerous reptiles means his life is always at risk. But that does not stop him from loving them and even playing with them. And truly, animals when understood and loved, seldom betray the trust. In fact, Brewer’s animals probably trust him more than some of their fellow species members.


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Nevertheless, in the picture that broke the internet, Brewer’s ‘cute’ video shows a kissing hyena showering affection and love and smooching every inch of Brewer’s face. The clip was uploaded by Brewer himself, an ex-fisherman in the USA, who also owns another popular venture known as the Pet Country. The kissing hyena, however, was not a tame one. It was a completely wild one and the two had met in the deepest of jungles. However, a bond was formed between the kissing hyena and the wildlife breeder that had never been captured on tape before. It was also possibly the first time something like that happened.

There Are More Instances Of Brewers’ Love

The clip was captured while Brewer was in Africa. The breeder had jumped into a lake accompanying the kissing hyena who turned out to be extremely lovable. He embraced the animal as close as he can. The kissing hyena, possibly sensing the human’s love, repaid it with whatever he could do: peck him with as many kisses as he can in a second.

There are several videos of Brewer getting very personal and close with his snakes. But the slithery reptiles never seemed to mind the attention. Rather, they are always seen wrapping themselves around their keeper quite comfortably.

However, his followers were shocked with this clip of him bonding with, taming, and loving the kissing hyena. Hyenas, as a species, are famous for being extremely adept at hunting. Their predatory nature is also among the most famous. However, this kissing hyena was seemingly very excited as he got the attention of Brewer.

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The trotter who rarely gets tired, and is famous for its scavenging and preying habits, had jumped into the arms of the wildlife breeder, even though the water was up to his neck. Then the kissing hyena proceeded to spoil the human with a loving and affectionate display. The behavior and the appearance both seemed to be similar to that of dogs. There are more uploads by him where he feeds iguanas or gives giant alligators a piggyback ride. 

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