Kolkata Cop Applauded For Act Of Kindness

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Kolkata Cops are known for their ability to fight crime. They are renowned for their bravery and courage. It is because of them, the city of joy can sleep peacefully at night. Kolkata ranks among the safest cities in India. 

The police here are trained significantly well and have a tough exterior. However, a recent photo has showcased the flip side of the coin. A cop from Kolkata was spotted providing shelter to stray dogs. The city of joy has been receiving a lot of rain recently. 

Kolkata has experienced heavy rainfall almost throughout the year. The continuous rain left the streets waterlogged. A significant portion of normal life was hampered. People had difficulty in moving from one place to another.

Kolkata Cop
Kolkata Cop

 Diseases were also on the rise due to the sudden change of weather. However, the animals on the street seem to have suffered the most. The heavy rainfall made life miserable for them. They did not have any shelter to protect themselves from the rain. 

As a result, the dogs had no option but to withstand the downpour silently. However, sometimes, one can get an unexpected friend. Such was the case when a traffic constable decided to be kind to the stray dogs. Here’s the official tweet showcasing the generous act:

The Kolkata Cop was on his usual duty when heavy rain started to pour. He was busy properly channeling the traffic to avoid hassle for the locals. It was during this time that the cop saw the dogs. A number of dogs were out in the rain getting drenched. They looked cold and needed shelter desperately.

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 The cop from Kolkata came to their rescue. He provided his umbrella as a shelter for them. This made the stray dogs very happy and they cuddled under the umbrella. Let us learn more about the act of kindness in detail below. 

Kolkata Cop Goes Viral 

The act from the Kolkata Cop attracted significant attention. People admired the way the cop did his duty while giving the dogs shelter. Someone decided to record the whole act. It was uploaded on social media soon. 

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The video and the pictures soon began circulating. It became an instant hit as everyone was all praise for the Kolkata Cop. People applauded his efforts and thanked him for spreading positivity. The Kolkata Police reposted the viral images and acknowledged the cop. 

They revealed the identity of the man. His name was Tarun Kumar Mondal. The incident took place at the Park Circus Seven Point Crossing in Kolkata. 

The crossing is the usual workplace for Mr.Mondal. The pictures portray the cop doing his duty while the dogs silently sat under the shelter. They also seemed grateful to the cop as they watched the rain-drenched vehicles pass by. 

Kolkata Cop Praised On Social Media 

From the moment the post went viral, people could not stop commenting. Social media users showered the Kolkata Cop with love. They admired his act and extended their gratitude towards him. Most of the comments were posted as a thank you note. 

Kolkata Cop

Others saluted the Kolkata Cop and also acknowledged the hard work. Various other feel-good statements were also posted. The post was reacted to over 37000 times. 

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