Immense Kuwait Tire Graveyard To Be Recycled

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Kuwait Tire Graveyard has taken up a praiseworthy decision. The government of Kuwait has decided to recycle the tires dumped in the graveyard. The modern world comes with a lot of negativities to nature. One of the most important issues to be addressed is waste management. People from all over the world are trying to figure out sustainable waste disposal methods. Accumulation of waste is expanding every day in numbers. The harmful substances that constitute the waste are deadly for the Earth. If the accumulation of wastes is not stemmed, Earth will soon become a dumping ground.

Management of waste is a key aspect of dealing with waste accumulation. Recycled wastes can decline the amount of freshly produced waste. Kuwait decided to join the Mission Green Globe. Kuwait has one of the largest tire graveyards. The latest initiative will aim to recycle tires from Kuwait Tyre Graveyard. Let us learn more about the plan below. 

Kuwait Tire Graveyard Recycles Old Tires 

The graveyard has accumulated over forty-two million used tires. This can lead to some serious consequences if not dealt with properly. Thankfully, the graveyard caught the attention of the government. In a recent initiative taken up by them, Kuwait will be recycling the used tires of the dump yard. The Kuwait tire graveyard is alarmingly close to residential premises. It is located just four miles away from the suburban residences. 

The families residing nearby the dump yard have reported serious problems. The area is said to envelop an enormous cloud of smoke. The smoke is usually preceded by a large fire. The government has assured the citizens to take care of their inconvenience as soon as possible. 

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As many as 25000 residences are being planned on the tire graveyard. The government has already completed removing all the old tires from the site. The tires have been shifted to Al-Salmi. Al-Salmi is situated near the Saudi Arabia borders. 

The worn-out tires in the Kuwait Tire Graveyard will be recycled by the company of EPSCO. Alaa Hassan is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Hassan stated that the company aimed to reduce toxic wastes by recycling tires. The tires will be crafted into some sort of useful consumer goods. 

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