Langur Hugs Woman Who Fed Him When She Falls Sick: The Most Loving Child

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Even though there are so many animals, very few humans take the time out and care for them as equals. But these animals are just as caring and loving as us humans. Several times they are even more so than their human counterparts. A recent viral animal picture from India shows a langur being the perfect child for an old and sickly woman.

Bonds of love between animals and humans are always special and unique. Perhaps they are especially special since animals cannot talk with us directly. They can only communicate with their actions and hope that the human understands. Moreover, it would be very rude towards any animals if anyone thinks they do not have a memory. Just like us, they are able to remember who treats them how, whether the treatment was good or bad. This langur from Rajasthan is no exception.

The Langur’s Language Of Love

The langur being a primate might also be a factor in their memory being so strong. The langur in the picture showed that kindness is never forgotten by animals. They not only do not forget it, but they also seek to repay it, in the tiny ways that only they can. The animal video shows a grey Indian langur embrace an aged woman. All of the social media networks have since been taken by storm over the pictures. The majority of the users who have seen the interaction between the langur and the old woman have been brought to tears. We bet you will be too, once you see it:

The animal video was originally posted in a sub-group on Reddit, the popular miscellaneous discussion forum. The langur can be seen sitting quietly alongside a bed. In the bed, an aged woman is lying, possibly because she has fallen sick. In the caption, the poster wrote a truly emotional story. The caption read that the aged woman regularly took the time out to give some food to the langur. But she was not able to do that for several days after falling sick, because she could not get out of her bed.

The langur then must have noticed its benefactor’s absence. This is the only possible explanation for what happens next. After missing her for a few days, the langur must have gotten worried. Then one day, it suddenly appeared at the woman’s house, possibly checking on its beloved benefactor.

Food Was Probably Not On Its Mind

But this was not the most touching part of the story. It is what happens immediately after during the langur’s visit that really pulled the heartstrings of all the online viewers. It would be difficult to believe if it wasn’t caught on tape. The langur had promptly reached out in an embrace and hugged the sickly woman! The aged woman also seemed comfortable and familiar with the langur. She can be seen returning the worry and love by gently stroking the langur’s back. It was almost like a scene of a grandchild and a grandmother. We suppose motherly love is not obstructed by the species of the members.

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The moment full of emotion that was caught on video then trended on Reddit in a short amount of time. Of course, users took the liberty to show it to as many people as possible across all the other social media platforms. The whole interaction resulted in a conversation about relationships between humans and animals.

Some users pointed out this was a common scene in towns with temples where humans and monkeys interact closely and regularly. However, some were more cautious and warned that going near wild animals or trying to pet them can easily be very dangerous, especially if they are predatory.

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