The Largest Wind Turbine Ever: A Turn Of The Blade Powers A Home for 2 days

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The need for clean, renewable energy is greater than ever before. The changing climate and the dwindling bio-fuel reserves have made it more urgent than ever to look for alternate sources of fuel. The largest wind turbine made by General Electric of the USA known as the GE Haliade X is a marvelous piece of engineering.

The Largest Wind Turbine Has Mind-Boggling Scale

The turbine is powerful enough to power a household totally for two days with just one turn of the blade. 87 such giant 14-megawatt turbines will become part of the world’s largest offshore wind farm. The Dogger Bank C wind farm is a joint venture between Equinor and SSE Renewables, with a combined 1.2 gigawatts capacity. As part of the  Vineyard Wind project, the wind-powered super-generators will stand off the Atlantic coast in Massachusetts.

GE’s renewable wind division had last year bagged the contract from Dogger Bank C and was selected as the favored turbine supplier. A part of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, the farm will be a counterpart to Dogger Bank A and B.

With the tip height reaching 853 feet (260 meters), the blades alone reach a length of 351 feet (107 meters). The rotor measures 720 feet (220 meters).

Largest Wind Turbine Among Many Giants Being Developed World Wide

With Europe generally leading the way in the wind turbine industry, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is ready to unveil its giant turbine.

Lars T. Pedersen, the CEO of Vineyard Wind that the development was an important milestone. He believes that choosing the iconic American company to make the largest wind turbine will be a major boost to the offshore wind power industry in the United States of America. He believes the industry has the potential to grow exponentially.

largest wind turbine

With each turn of the blade producing around 312 MWh per day, the largest wind turbine ever developed will give GE a head start in the development of wind energy. It is the first-ever large-scale, American wind project being developed offshore, according to the U.S. Interior Department.

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The Department of Energy, Interior, and Commerce revealed that they wanted a combined capacity of 30 GW by the end of the decade. President Biden is hopeful that this will lead to jobs in their thousands and billions in investments.

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