Take A Look At These Endangered Animals Before They Are Gone Forever!

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Many animals are facing imminent extinction at the hands of humans. Even though we have already pushed many more, the UICN has repeatedly warned that the ecosystems of a large percentage of animals are beyond repair. So take this chance to take a look at these endangered animals. Perhaps, we might get an added inspiration to ensure they can be photographed in their natural splendor forever.

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Giant Panda

endangered animals

The beloved and cuddly bear is usually found in China’s temperate forests in the southwestern mountains. There are about 1864 remaining of these endangered animals.

Red Panda

endangered animals

This cute little critter does not have the size of a bear. A native of southwestern China and the eastern Himalayas, their numbers are below 10,000 and continue to decline.

Black Rhinoceros

The habitat of these endangered animals is parts of Africa. It is not always black as the name entails. The sub-species Javan Rhino has the lowest numbers remaining – only 74.


endangered animals

One of our closes relatives in the wild, these herbivorous animals live in African tropical forests. The numbers are increasing, but there are just about 1000 surviving of these endangered animals.  

Asian Elephant

endangered animals

They are a whole different genus from the ones in Africa. The unique Asiatic ones inhabit Southeast Asia and the subcontinent of India. They number around 40,000, but their population has decreased alarmingly.


endangered animals

Malaysia and Indonesia are the primary homes of these apes. However, the habitat has reduced to Sumatra and Borneo since. About 65,000 of these endangered animals remain.

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Marine Iguana

endangered animals

It is like no other existing lizards, as it can survive in a marine environment. Even though there are 300,000 left, invasive species pose a constant threat.  

Sea Turtle

endangered animals

They spend most of their lifespan swimming in the oceans. However, they lay their eggs on beaches. Nevertheless, some of the rarer species have about 50,000 individuals remaining.

Wild Buffalo

endangered animals

It is not the domesticated docile ones you find at farms. The large Asian natives scare off the largest predators. About 4,000 remain of these endangered animals.

Ganges Shark

endangered animals

It lives in the river that is its namesake. Found in India and Bangladesh, it is often confused with the more populous bull shark. However, this species is one of the critically endangered animals.

One-horned rhinoceros

endangered animals

The Indian rhino faces severe threats of extinction because of extensive poaching. However, efforts are trying to stabilize the decreasing population.

Snow leopard

endangered animals

Another name for these endangered animals is the ounce. It lives in the mountains of South and Central Asia. However, fewer than 10,000 adults remain.

Tasmanian devil

endangered animals

The real-life ones have no resemblance to the popular cartoon. Nor are they that devilish. However, the Tasmanian native number about 20,000.

Hoolock Gibbon

endangered animals

They are the species of endangered apes that are almost gone. The natives of Southwest China, Myanmar, Northeast India, and Bangladesh, have about 30 individuals left.

Asiatic lion

endangered animals

This lion species is unique to India. Since the beginning of this century, it can only be found in Gir National Park. A mere 600 are left of these endangered animals.


endangered animals

It is also called the Indian antelope. Found in Nepal and India, it lives in light forests and grassy plains. In Indian protected areas, their numbers have recovered to about 25,000.


endangered animals

The chimp. A smaller relative of the great apes, and mainly found in Africa, somewhere about 300,000 individuals are left of these endangered animals.


endangered animals

A unique crocodile, both in its habitat and diet, is one of the longest members of the family. The fish-eating Indian crocodile numbers less than 250.

Indian vulture

endangered animals

One of the oldest natives of Nepal, India, and Pakistan, these scavengers have faced a horrible threat. Only a few thousands remain after they were poisoned by a human drug for decades.

Nilgiri Tahr

endangered animals

Another native of the Indian subcontinent. It is named after the Nilgiri Hills, where their largest population was found. Currently, conservation efforts have raised the numbers to 3,122 from a mere 100.

Sloth Bear

endangered animals

The sloth bear is a medium-sized bear species native to the subcontinent of India. It usually has a diet of termites, fruits, and ants. Fewer than 20,000 individuals remain of the endangered animals.

Striped Hyena

endangered animals

It can be found across stretched of the subcontinent of India, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Northern, and Eastern Africa. An estimated maximum of 14,000 individuals is left.


endangered animals

One of the rarest species of porpoise, they inhabit the Mexican Gulf of California. It is the smallest living creature. Only about 10 individuals remain of these critically endangered animals.

Bengal Tiger

endangered animals

A famous tourist and scientific attraction, these tigers inhabit marshy areas of the Indian Sunderbans. Less than 2,500 remain in the wild even after conservative efforts.

Red-vented cockatoo

endangered animals

It has bright red feathers surrounding its vent, which is the Philippine native’s distinguishing feature. Fewer than 1000 remains of these beautiful birds exist.  

Fin Whale

endangered animals

Its previous name was the razorback whale. The largest animal after the blue whale usually inhabits colder waters in polar and temperate latitudes. About 100,000 of these endangered animals exist.

Polar bear

endangered animals

It is the biggest species of bears as well as the biggest existing carnivore on land. However, the polar inhabitants number only around 31,000. The numbers are currently decreasing as well.


endangered animals

It is perhaps the rarest mammal of its size. It exclusively lives in Laos and Vietnam’s Annamite Range. An estimated 750 remain, although scientists have never seen one in the wild.


endangered animals

It is a relative of the Steller’s sea cow which had already gone extinct back in the 1700s. Its home is the coastal waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Fewer than 50 are left.

Blue whale

endangered animals

The biggest animals that currently live, are found across every ocean in the world. There are fewer than 25,000 remains of these endangered animals.

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