Lego Bricks Will Soon Be Made Out Of Recycled Bottles

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Lego, the toy giants, are looking to make Lego bricks from recycled plastic drinks bottles. They have aimed to make them available for purchase within 2 years. Tim Brooks, from Lego, says that the bottleneck is making a product that is not noticeably different from the usual. However, he could not give any details as to how many Lego bricks have recycled material because the project is just beginning.

Tim Brooks is the vice president overseeing sustainability in Lego. He added that both blocks will fit together and can be changed with each other, similar to all Lego products. The stage after that will see colors being added to the bricks which are still prototypes. Then adult fans and children will be given access so that they can be tested.

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Lego added that, for the start, it will acquire bottles for soft drinks in the US for the manufacture of the new Lego bricks. It added that plastic that has been collected from ocean waters cannot be used. This is because those plastics are usually far too degraded.

Lego Bricks Tackling Plastic Crisis

Multiple firms are developing products that can be made using recycled plastic, as customer demand for sustainability increases. Lego revealed that both adult and children customers had contacted the company requesting more sustainable products.

However, Camilla Zerr, a campaigner against plastics, explained that recycling should not be the primary solution to the plastic crisis. It is much more important for products can be used for many years so that reusing across generations is possible.

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Lego promised in 2018 to make all its integral products sustainable by 2030. As such, Lego had been developing prototype bricks using PET bottles, instead of the usual ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) produced using crude oil.

Lego bricks are known for lasting up to three generations. So, the company hopes people will keep using them and not throw them away. The new blocks’ biggest challenge is currently recreating the easy linkage of usual blocks.

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Lego currently has an annual carbon emission of 1.2Mn tonnes. One-third of it is due to material manufacture. As such, if recycled plastics are used, the emissions will be drastically reduced. Brooks added that Lego is also looking into using renewable energy more.

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