Live Animal Keychains Found In Chinese Markets Suffocate Small Amphibians

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Sellers in the markets of China have a uniquely cruel item for their customers: live animal keychains. They are exactly as horrifying as they sound. Aquatic creatures and small amphibians are stuffed inside small plastic bags. Then these bags are attached with keychains.

However, many of the shopkeepers have claimed that the water inside is pumped with minerals and nutrients. As a result, the natural oxidation that takes place makes the live animal keychains harmless for the creatures. But that cannot be farther from the truth.

The live animal keychains essentially suffocate and poison the animals trapped inside within a couple of days. Activist groups working on animal rights have argued about the cruelty of these trinkets. The sellers of such keychains are usually found close to subways. Their latest price tag was about a dollar and a half. Amazingly, the cost of a live creature is lower than the price of the cheapest burger in the area. Most major cities of China, such as Shanghai, have vendors who can be found outside stations for trains.

The Live Animal Keychains Are Death Chambers

The plastic cages have reportedly caused aquatic animals to die very often. A vendor explained that the animals have to be released from the plastic container after a few days if the owner wants them to survive. After all, inside a closed plastic bag, there is no circulation of air or any food for them to eat. Even aquatic animals repeatedly need a fresh supply of oxygenated water and food. For amphibian animals that get trapped inside, they do not have any land inside the bag.

live animal keychains

Presently, several petitions have been filed asking to stop these live animal keychains. However, neither the supply nor the demand for the trinkets has reduced so far in China. The keychains are especially popular among teenagers. Furthermore, since these are roadside products, there is almost no chance of them being stopped.

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Inside the plastic bag, the excreta and the animals’ breathing poison the water gradually. Even with sufficient oxygen, the ammonia needs to be removed. Furthermore, an unstable keychain will kill them much before anything else.

A cruel incident of animals being tortured for our vanity.

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