Lost Pug Video Of Reuniting With Child Will Melt Your Heart

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Lost Pug has been reunited with its owner. A recent video has gone viral where we can witness the heartwarming scene. A dog is called the man’s best friend. Apart from being loyal, dogs provide mental relief as well. It has been found that having a dog around relieves mental pressure. It also helps in coping with emotional breakdowns.

Cuddling with a dog diminishes anxiety levels significantly. No wonder one would feel crestfallen if someone lost their dog. Carter, a young boy, happened to experience just that. He got a pug on his birthday. However, the Lost Pug went missing and was finally reunited. The details are provided below. 

Lost Pug Gets Emotional & Happy After Being Found

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Piper is a cute little pug. He was gifted to a boy on his twelfth birthday. Carter and his family suffered from an unfortunate trauma recently. Carter lost his little brother who was only one and a half years old. He passed away from cancer. Piper proved to be a stressbuster for the family. The pug’s bubbly attitude and loving gestures helped the family immensely in the healing process. 

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However, in the year 2019, two years after Piper came to the Carter family, he went missing. Piper went to release its bowels and never came back. Carter had developed a strong connection with the pug by now. He was crestfallen at Piper’s sudden disappearance. 

Lost Pug

Much to the relief of the family, they received a call from the office of the animal shelter. They claimed to have found the lost pug. Carter’s mom immediately went to the office and took the little one. She took Piper with her as she went to pick Carter from school. 

The reunion of the lost pug and Carter was videotaped by his mother. Carter could not believe his eyes when he saw Piper. The pug wagged its tail and jumped out of joy. Carter was seen shedding tears of joy as he clutched the pug tightly in his arms. The fourteen-year-old boy stated that he did not even dream of getting Piper back. He was lost for words. Carter termed Piper as his best friend. Both Piper and Carter are reported to have been spending time happily. 

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