Loyal Dog Follows Owner In Ambulance All the Way To the Hospital

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The world is grappling with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic that started last year. These trying times are testing human relationships. Amid such a challenging period, the relationship between a loyal dog and its owner has certainly stood the test of time. 

Recently the Health Ministry of the country of Turkey has shared a very emotional video. In this particular video, a golden retriever shows its undying love and unconditional loyalty towards its owner. The owner of this loyal pet becomes sick and is being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. During this journey from the home of the owner to the hospital, this loyal dog can be seen chasing behind the ambulance all the way to the hospital.

 This emotional video has become viral and made a huge impact on the viewers. It shows the unbreakable bond shared by humans and their pets. 

According to the sources, it has been known that the owner of this loyal dog is a sick woman who has been going through treatment at her own home. It has also been known that her pet has continuously stayed beside her and has also monitored her situation day and night. On the other hand, the health of the ill woman had taken a turn for the worse and had to be rushed to the hospital. This obviously meant that she had to leave her loyal dog behind at home. 

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Owner’s Health Monitored By Loyal Dog 

The ill woman had to be taken to the hospital for a better and close observation. In this situation also her loyal dog stayed with her. The pup stood patiently outside the house when she was being rolled inside the ambulance. However, when the ambulance started taking off, the golden retriever started running behind the vehicle and refused to halt midway. 

Finally, it was seen that the pet also ran all the way from the owner’s home to the hospital and soon reached the front gates of the hospital. Unfortunately, the loyal dog was not allowed to enter the hospital premises and remained stationed outside the main gates. 

The pet made his way to the medical center on foot and remained vigil all the time his owner was inside getting her treatment. This video had been captured in the Bukukada Island in Istanbul. The netizens were completely overwhelmed after seeing this clipping and said that this video proves that dogs are the true and most loyal companions to human beings. 

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True Companion And Strict Vigil 

As soon as this video was released on the internet, people in large numbers started watching and sharing it. They were left completely emotional and with tears in their eyes. Many people have even commented upon this beautiful relationship between the loyal dog and its owner. 

Despite the owner being shifted to the hospital for further treatment, her pet did not leave her even for one moment. Later when the pet was denied entry to the hospital by the staff members, the dog decided to stay vigil outside the medical facility in order to stay close to his owner. 

Eventually, when the ill woman got better after receiving necessary treatment, her loyal dog was reunited with her. It is definitely a moment of great pride and love for this owner that her pet made this agonizing journey to the medical center only for his owner’s well-being. This harrowing effort by this golden retriever to chase the ambulance carrying his owner to the hospital only to ensure that she remains safe has managed to acquire a place in the hearts of the netizens.

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