Meet The Man Who Carried An Elephant Calf on shoulder after rescue : Sarathkumar

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We have seen various scenarios where people go to extremes to save their pets or other such animals that are threatened by something else. The story that we will talk about is regarding a 100 pounder elephant calf and about a man who carried an elephant. The people who help such animals, do not think about their own personal gains but for the life of that particular animal. We all have watched the viral video of the person who saved a cow from the floods in India, this is another.

The Story Behind The Man Who Carried An Elephant

Palanichamy Sarathkumar is currently employed as a forest guard and stationed near Mettupalayam. Mettupalayam is a small forest-laden city that is 32 miles (50 km) away from the beautiful hill station of Ooty. 

The date was December 12, 2017, and Palanichamy, the man who carried an elephant, was heading home after a night shift at his post when he got a call about a small incident near the Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple. The caller told him that a female elephant went rogue and was blocking the road close to the Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple. He went there as soon as he could along with his colleagues. 

They burst a few firecrackers to direct the elephant back towards the forest. After the female left, they kept looking for other elephants in the vicinity, when they came to a halt.

They saw an elephant calf that was stuck inside a little ditch. The small elephant was confused and tired as the ditch made it feel claustrophobic. Palanichamy and his company pulled a boulder out from the ditch as it was blocking the elephant’s way out. Mr. Sarathkumar realized that the female elephant near the road was its mother and was distressed as the child was nowhere to be seen. The calf was too weak to walk so the task became twice as difficult for the forest guard.

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 “Bahubali” In Person, The Man Who Carried An  Elephant

man who carried an elephant

After taking out the boulder, Palanichamy and 3 of his friends carried the baby out. They wanted to carry it to the other side so that the mother could find her child. They had to think about it for some time when they realized that elephant mothers are very protective and can attack if it was threatened. It was then, that Palanichamy decided to be the man who carried an elephant on his back, by himself. He chose to risk his own life instead of risking four.

Palanichamy, built six feet tall and weighing 176 pounds (80kg) took the 100kg elephant calf on his shoulders and carried it for 50 odd meters. He put the baby near a water hole and hoped that the mother would come back and locate her child. 

They wait for hours on end but the mother did not turn up. They all went back after some time and hoped that the mother would come back.

They all went back, the next morning and found the calf missing. The calf left its prints beside larger pugmarks of a bigger elephant. Palanichamy believes that they left before dawn after getting reunited with each other.

Various tweets were seen which compared Palanichamy to “Bahubali”. They praised him for his bravery and commitment and hail him as the man who carried an elephant.

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Elephants are quite clever, social and are also high evolved compared to other large animals. They prefer to stay in herds but can stray outside if their babies are lost or stuck somewhere. 

Tamil Nadu has been a witness to various conflicts between humans and elephants, which guided Palanichamy Sarathkumar to work in this profession. He worked as an Anti- poacher and was employed by the forest department for his services. Palanichamy will always be remembered as the ‘Man Who Carried An Elephant’!

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