Met Office Predicts UK High-Impact Weather With 7.2F Rise

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Experts delving into the impact of various factors influencing global warming at various levels have warned of UK high-impact weather that could cause exceptionally hot days for more than 5 weeks in a year.

The Met office experts looked at various factors including heavy rainfall, hot days, extremely cold conditions, and heavy rainfall. And they have predicted that the frequency of UK high-impact weather is set to increase manifold. The figures of exceedingly hot days will shoot up to near 4 times going up to as many as 37 per year. The UK‘s high-impact weather will also cause extremely heavy rainfall that will lead to severe flooding interspersed with phases of drought.  

The occurrence of UK high-impact weather is bound to have an adversary effect on causing substantial disruption throughout the United Kingdom and affecting various sectors including transport, agriculture, health, and energy.

UK High-Impact Weather Will Cause Extremely Cold, Hot, And Wet Weather

uk high-impact weather

The Met Office has pegged these dire predictions to an increase of a mere 7.2F rise in global temperatures. Cold conditions are also set to rise in winter. The study has been published in Climate Change, a journal, and predicts that UK high-impact weather is set to increase with every increase in global warming.

The world’s commitment to control global warming articulated in the United Nations Paris Agreement has committed nations to take action that will prevent the rise in global temperature by more than 3.6F by the turn of the century.

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A parallel study published in January in Nature Climate Change has revealed that there has already been a significant and alarming increase in the average temperatures by 4.1F when compared to the pre-industrial period. This sets the changes on track for a worst-case scenario.

The current trend sets the UK on track for an increase in temperatures by 7.2F and doesn’t portend well for the island. But if the nations can stick to their commitment, the number of extremely hot days can be limited to 18 from the present 10 days every year.

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