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Mexico Bans Testing Cosmetics On Animals: Only North American To Do So

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In August, Mexico passed a law to prohibit testing cosmetics on animals. They are the first North American nation to take this step. After it comes into effect, the law will also prohibit the marketing, import, and manufacture of cosmetics that have been tested on animals in any other nation.

Mexico is the latest addition to 40 other countries that have taken the same step, according to the Humane Society. In the United States, 7 states have prohibited selling cosmetics tested on animals. In Brazil, 10 states have enacted similar bans.

The practice of testing cosmetics using animals is not only cruel but also unnecessary. Companies can readily create unique products using several thousand ingredients that have been historically proven to be safe. These ingredients do not need any further testing. Moreover, recent advances in technology have produced testing methods (like tests based on human cells) that make animal testing obsolete. The newer methods are also more reliable, faster, and less expensive.

Mexico’s Ban Was Encouraged Heavily By ‘Save Ralph’

The champions of the Mexican bill were Sen. Ricardo Montreal, Te Protejo (an animal organization of Mexico), and Humane Society Mexico/International.

‘Save Ralph’ was an animation film created by HSI using stop-motion technology. The film is a “tester” rabbit story. It features a star-studded cast from across the globe. The video had also gone viral on the internet, getting over 150Mn views on social media. On TikTok alone, the video was tagged more than 170Mn times. The popularity helped in gathering over 1.3Mn signatures in the petition to enforce the ban in Mexico.

On 22nd September, the bill was unanimously supported by the Mexican Senate and turned into federal law. Te Protejo and HS Mexico/International jointly announced their delight at the action taken by Mexico. Their campaign called #BeCrueltyFree Mexico had been championing the bill for several years.

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In the statement, the organizations further expressed their gratitude towards the Mexican leadership for dealing with the significant issue. Furthermore, they will also be working with the authorities to ensure the ban is robust and the commitments are fulfilled.

They called the progress monumental for Mexican science, consumers, and animals. They also hoped that this pioneering legislation will lead the Americas to become the next beauty market that involves no cruelty.

Huge Cosmetic Manufacturers Also Welcomed The Bill


Rosario Dawson, an advocate, and actress, who had been the voice of Bonnie in ‘Save Ralph’s Spanish version expressed her delight over the news as well. She said that she was extremely happy to have gotten the chance to voice the campaign by HIS that would abolish cosmetic testing on animals.

She added that she was even prouder to observe the effect that #SaveRalph had in guiding Mexico into becoming the first North American country to endorse cruelty-free cosmetics.

The prohibition bill was gladly accepted by major cosmetic brands such as Avon, L’Oreal, P&G, Unilever, Lush, and several other beauty leaders. These companies are also collaborating with HIS across the world via AFSA (Animal-Free Safety Assessment) to ensure a safer place for animals with regards to cosmetics. They help in policy alignment as well as training employees in smaller companies to transition between animal testing and cruelty-free methods. In fact, the new methods are not only easier, but they are also safer for the humans involved than the earlier methods involving animals.

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Presently over 900 companies endorse officially the Humane Cosmetics Act. However, in about 80% of nations around the world, cosmetic testing on animals is still legal. HSI has a petition to help in stopping this cruelty.

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