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Milk Bag Project Recycles 7.5L Empty Packets

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Milk Bag Project has been taken up by three women of Mumbai. They aim to reuse and recycle plastic bags to reduce plastic consumption. Plastic pollution is one of the most harmful modes of pollution in today’s world. 

Plastic is a material that is largely consumed all over the country. However, the material is not at all suitable for the environment. Plastic is a nonbiodegradable material. It does not decompose very easily. A small packet of plastic might take as many as 500-1000 years to decompose. 

When buried under the soil, the harmful substances of plastic are mixed with the soil. This causes serious damage to the soil, sometimes making it infertile. The burning of plastic is also not feasible. It releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere. The gases trap carbon in the atmosphere, leading to global warming. 

Small microplastics can be harmful to both land and marine animals. The animals tend to mistake the plastics for food and choke on them. The issue of plastic reduction should be addressed immediately. Many alternatives are being implemented every day. An innovative idea of rented cutlery came into the news recently. People are being urged to rent eco-friendly cutleries for their family ceremonies.

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Currently, most Indian ceremonies use plastics as a mode of cutlery. Three women from Mumbai have taken the Milk Bag Project. These women collect milk packets from households and recycle them later. Let us learn more about this unique and praiseworthy initiative below.

Milk Bag Project Aims To Address Plastic Abuse

Chitra Hiremath, Kunti Oza & Hansu Pardiwala are three women residing in Mumbai. They are no ordinary women. These women look to take up the responsibilities in directing the world towards a greener future. Chitra, Kunti & Hansu took up the Milk Bag Project in 2019. The inspiration for taking up this initiative was a funny story.

A short WhatsApp forward was circulated about slitting open a milk packet. The video stated that instead of cutting off the corners one can slit open the packet. This would help reduce a lot of plastic waste. As soon as the three women came across the video, they visioned something greater. Kunti stated that after watching the video, all three of them thought of doing something for the environment. 

The trio started by collecting milk packets from their own houses. They would give them to a recycler. This initiative soon gained momentum and they decided on taking it up a notch. The women structured a video advising people on how to carry out the Milk Bag Project. 

Milk Bag Project
Milk Bag Project

Milk Bag Project: Revolutionary Step By The Three Musketeers 

The women started their journey by trying to spread their video as much as possible. The Milk Bag Project aims to collect all the plastic milk packs from as many houses as possible. The families are asked to accumulate all the emptied packets. The trio visits each house and collects the packets which are then handed over for recycling

Hansu, Kunti & Chitra are no strangers to environmental volunteering. All of them are associated with some kind of environmental organization. Hans is an active member of Har Ghar, Hara Ghar while Chitra is associated with Garbage Free India. Kunti volunteers to keep Mumbai clean. She is the chairwoman of the Clean Mumbai Foundation. 

Milk Bag Project is a unique and brave step taken by the three women. Their initiative will instill awareness among the people. Kunti stated that after the initial jitters, the program is running smoothly. People are mailing them packets from as far as Thane & Delhi. 

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