Monkey Tries to Escape Zoo After Smashing Through Glass

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Humans are considered to have evolved from the likes of apes, so that makes us related to the monkeys, in the current world. We will see how a monkey tries to escape the confinements of a zoo. 

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Our brains have evolved over the passage of time and so did theirs, but there was a huge difference in the level of the upgrade. But nonetheless, monkeys are still considered to be smart animals. They are considered to be smart enough to hatch a plan that we are going to talk about now and go through with it. 

China has one the most beautiful zoos in the world and takes care of various species in their confinements. The story was witnessed in the zoo in Zhengzhou, where a monkey was observed to sharpen a rock and then bash it on a glass window and then the monkey tries to escape. 

We have to ask ourselves that are the monkey’s brains evolved or was it just an accident. The incident gives us vibes from the “Planet of the Apes” series. 

The “Monkey Tries to Escape”

monkey tries to escape

The mastermind behind this escape plan was a tiny Colombian white-faced Capuchin. Capuchins are capable of doing notorious things but this was not expected by the witness who was merely a visitor, enjoying his day in the Zhengzhou zoo.

The Capuchin hit the glass window repeatedly shattering the glass which startled the hero in the “monkey tries to escape” story. The little fellow jumped back in fear and shock while no harm was done to the glass due to the safety feature being installed into it. The monkey tries to escape but fails miserably. It came back to investigate the window, still shocked.

The visitor Mr. Wang observed the monkey sharpening the rock and then started hitting it on the window with full force. The monkey got scared as soon as the glass shattered with a loud bang but came back to examine it with curiosity.

One of the staff, Tian Shuliao, informed that this monkey was quite clever with the art of using tools. The Capuchin used tools to break walnuts while the others knew only how to bite. This was the first time that this little fellow tried to smash the glass. There was no way that the monkey would escape as the window was made of toughened glass. The staff had to take away all the rocks and stones in his captivity so that he does not try such things in the future.

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Insights From “Monkey Tries To Escape” Incident

Prof. Ian C. Colquhoun, who works at the Department of Anthropology in Ontario, stated that certain apes have been reported to use tools while staying in the wild. Capuchins belong to the group of New World Monkeys. They have recently been observed to use tools for their tasks. Crab-eater Macaques which belong to the Old-World Monkeys have been observed to open shell-fishes with rocks in tidal zones. The “Monkey escapes zoo” story did not surprise him much, but he was excited to see such an incident.

Animals have been observed to use tools in their natural habitats. Crows are observed to use twigs or feathers as a material to build their nests, Chimpanzees and apes are known to make spears out of rocks to hunt other animals. Some marine creatures like octopuses use coconut shells as armor. Sea otters are cute animals who lie on their back and use rocks to hit on abalone shells to open them up.

monkey tries to escape

The final question that comes to our mind is that, was the Capuchin just playing around with the pieces of rock, or was it trying to break out from its confinements. This brought attention to animals lovers as they ask questions about the ethics of zoological gardens and debate on whether animals should be caged up for human entertainment. The capuchin will always be an example for such debates through the “Monkey Tries To Escape” story. 

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