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Take A Look At The Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels That Are Straight Out Of Heaven

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Any road, track, or lane that is almost continuously covered by a canopy of trees is known as a tree tunnel. It looks like a tunnel made out of trees, hence, the name. An amazingly beautiful phenomenon, there are many man-made tree tunnels as well, which are just as beautiful. Here are the most beautiful ones that will make you feel like you are walking through paradise.

Jacarandas Walk At South Africa

tree tunnel

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. The city has an estimated ten million trees, making it one of the greenest in the country. Unofficial sources also claim that the world’s biggest artificially created forest is in Johannesburg.

These purple-hued trees are known as Jacaranda. There is a minimum of 49 types of this tree. This species is a South American native and Caribbean native. Over a century ago, the Jacarandas were introduced in South Africa. They fully blossom in October.

The Jacarandas Tree Tunnels can be found in Johannesburg as well as Pretoria. Pretoria is known as the City of Jacaranda having over 70,000 of them.

Ukraine’s Tree Tunnel Of Love

tree tunnel

Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love is among the most spectacular tree tunnels out there. It is located in the city of Klevan. A train passes through this tree tunnel. It is one of the main attractions of both the city and the nation.

During the year’s warmer months, the fairy-like green tree tunnel is at its most vibrant. It covers 1km worth of train tracks. The tree tunnel is not very well known, so it is quite a nice secret.

Germany’s Cherry Blossom Tree Tunnel

tree tunnel

This tree tunnel of cherry blossoms is Germany’s Bonn city. The tunnel is also known as Heerstrasse. The street is peaceful and tranquil, covered by a canopy of cherry blossom trees. Come spring, the trees fully bloom, adding another level of colorfulness to the area.

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Two Bonn streets have cherry blossoms planted around them. However, Heerstrasse is the most traveled. The blossoms usually last for a little over a week, and they vary greatly due to weather conditions.

UK’s Dark Hedges

tree tunnel

This tree tunnel is one of the more ancient ones, believed to be almost three centuries old. Nearly a hundred beech trees line Northern Ireland’s Bregagh Road. It is located near County Antrim’s Stranocum village. However, travelers have raised concerns over how close they are to the road.

The tree tunnel is well-photographed. It has also appeared in UK’s Annual Landscape Photographers Book for the starting 4 years. Currently, a green fence for keeping out sheep has been constructed, spoiling the tree tunnel.

Brazil’s Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho

tree tunnel

Over one hundred Tipuana trees form this tunnel. It is situated on Porto Alegre’s south side. Recently, it has also been nicknamed “world’s most beautiful”.

There were immense conservation efforts behind keeping this tree tunnel alive. The community thwarted several development plans by businesses until 2006 when it was classified as one of Latin America’s Heritage Environment.

USA’s Tree Tunnel In Oak Alley Plantation

tree tunnel

This tree tunnel is a historic and iconic one. It is situated in Louisiana’s Vacherie community, on the banks of the Mississippi. It is deemed a National Landmark Of History.

The distinguishing feature of the tunnel is created by two rows of live oak trees. The stretch is about 240 m long. The trees date back to the beginning of the 18th century and are much older than the house.

USA’s Autumn Tree Tunnel

tree tunnel

The tunnel’s real beauty is visible in autumn. It is situated in the path leading to a state park in Vermont named Smuggler’s Notch. The foliage’s color starts changing in the north. Then, as fall advances, the change spreads south.

Japan’s Tree Tunnel Of Ginkgos

tree tunnel

The Japanese culture venerates the Gingko Biloba very highly. In the bombing of Hiroshima, six of these trees have miraculously survived and continue to grow. As a result, the Japanese think of them as the tree bearing hope. Tokyo’s streets alone have almost 65,000 ginkgo trees.

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UK’s Tunnel Of Yews

tree tunnel

Among the most stunning gardens found in Wales, is the ancient Aberglasney House. Since 1470, they have been inspiring writers. The area’s Yew Tree Tunnel is extremely popular. However, nine years were spent pruning the trees to return the ancient unique archway to its glory.

It is believed that the family of Dyer planted this Tunnel in the 18th century. After they grew tall enough, they were artificially bent over so that the extended arch could be formed. Over the years, the trees’ branches have joined together and trunks have merged as well. So today, it is very difficult to exactly say how many Yew trees form that tree tunnel.

Japan’s Wisteria Tree Tunnel

tree tunnel

The spectacular flower walkway is located in the Garden named Kawachi Fuji, in the Kitakyushu prefecture. The breathtaking display includes a festival of cherry blossom and zen gardens. Various colors and types of wisteria are woven into the cylindrical lattice. From April till May, they are in full bloom, making a fantastic tunnel draped in flowers. The annual Wisteria Festival (or, “fuji matsuri”) is held to celebrate the event.

Japan’s Bamboo Path

tree tunnel

In Japan’s Arashiyama is situated the bamboo forest of Sagano. The path runs for 500m through the beautiful bamboo tree tunnel. The site has been deemed a historic one. The Cultural Affairs Agency even titled it the “scenic beauty place”. A breath-taking sound is produced when the wind passes through the tunnel.

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