Mother Dog Looks After Abandoned Baby For An Entire Night In A Chattisgarh Field

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In rural India, there are still cases where newborn babies are abandoned on the streets, for various reasons. One of the most common ones is that the baby is a girl. Many such lives are lost because of the lack of care and warmth. A girl baby in the state of Chattisgarh seemed like it had the same fate. But a caring mother dog had other plans for the toddler.

In a picture shared across different social media, the abandoned baby is seen lying adjacent to a dog. The dog was clearly a mother, as there were also about 6 or 7 puppies in the image.

The Dog Sensed The Abandoned Baby Needed Protection

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Several reports claim that the human baby, who was a girl, was abandoned without any sort of clothes in a farm field. The incident took place in the district of Mungeli’s Lormi village in Saristal. When other humans happened to find the infant, they saw that not even the umbilical cord had been properly cut.

In the morning, local villagers had heard the baby bawling. They were curious and went to inspect the area. There they found that a few stray dogs were roaming about. It would not have been unnatural for the dogs to have hurt the baby.

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However, to their utter surprise, they discovered that another mother dog had kept the baby safe for the entire night. In an amazing act of motherhood, that breaks the boundaries of species, the mother dog seems to have sensed the frailty of an abandoned baby.

The Baby Has Been Rescued

The villagers immediately reported the incident to the authorities. After the arrival of ASI Chintaram Binjhwar, along with his official team, the baby was taken to a hospital in the locality of Lormi village.

The baby girl was then recommended to a project dedicated to such abandoned cases known as the ChildLine Project. She was also given the name Akanksha, which loosely translates to ambition.

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For the time being, the police have been on the hunt for the newborn’s family. Munnalal Patel, the representative of the local sarpanch said that they had discovered the baby at around 11 am when they were going to work. Their first reaction was to let the department of health know about it.

Dipanshu Kabra, an IPS officer, shared the story on Twitter. His statement (originally in Hindi) said that he was upset after getting to know about the incident. He added that no parent should discriminate based on the gender of their child. The tweet also called for strict legal punishment and an end to these forms of traditional thinking.

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