Loving Mother Swan Carries Babies Across The Pond, Under Her Wing

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The moment was extremely heartwarming when a mother swan was spotted carrying 6 of its children across the pond. All these tiny and fluffy babies were protected under her wing. 

Mother swan

Animal mothers are such beautiful and graceful creatures. The love and compassion that they project towards their loved ones is extremely beautiful to see and can not be replicated elsewhere.

The mother swan did a swift check to make sure all her babies were there. She tucked her wings at her back and started gliding back to her nest. She made sure that none of her offspring would fall off into the pond.

Swans belong to the family of ducks and geese. They are the largest members of the waterfowl family and one of the largest flying birds. 

Mother swan

This beautiful image was clicked by Richard Meston. Meston was visiting the Bicton Park Botanical Gardens, which is in Sidmouth, Devon. 

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How The Mother Swan Carries Its Babies

Richard stated that the young swans, also known as Cygnets, were splashing in the water and enjoying their time near the mother swan. They started to get tired and one after another went on top of their mother’s back. She did not mind that her babies were climbing aboard her. She even gave a nudge to help them. 

After all the babies had climbed aboard, she covered them with her wing and went towards her home. 

Mother swan

The mother kept looking back to check if her babies were still there. Reminding us of the time, when we used to travel and our mothers would look back from the front seat to make sure that we were in line. Such a thing is extremely beautiful, yet funny in a way. 

Julia Newth stated that the Mute swans are protective of their offspring and will defend them from external threats, vigorously. The mother swan in this video is showing us the gentle side of her motherhood by giving the young cygnets, a lift on her back. Julia works at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire.

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