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Munich Animal Shelter Installs Tinder For The Abandoned Pets

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The small initiative won the hearts of netizens and many people swiped right on the pets. Humans look for their partners by going through dating apps or even meeting them in person. The Munich animal shelter has found another use for Tinder which is to find a home for these lovely pets.

The Animal Welfare Association from Munich has created several profiles on Tinder, where the pictures of these animals were uploaded in the hope of being adopted. 

The Task For The Munich Animal Shelter Was Tough

The Munich animal shelter had hired an ad agency to shoot the pictures for them, which also included a cat named Captain Kirk. A total of 15 animals had got their photoshoots done by this ad agency. 

Munich Animal Shelter

The response that this shelter received was more than what they expected. Jillian Moss told the media that the response was insane as many people had swiped right on these animals to set up the dates.

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The experts in animal welfare had stated that there was a surge in animal ownership which was due to the lockdowns and that those animals were abandoned after the virus had stopped spreading. 

Munich Animal Shelter

The hope for the animals to find new families is still alive and they are looking for the perfect match. Benjamin Beilke has told the media that these animals were quite lonely and felt the same emotions as lonely humans do. 

The video of the Munich animal shelter has received 50,000 views and many were pleased with the idea of using Tinder to find new families.

Munich Animal Shelter

The Munich animal shelter has thought out of the box and has used the advertisement agency and the proper channels to market their goals. They have received more than what they expected and currently are filtering the dates for the people who have swiped right on the lonesome pets. We hope that these animals will receive a beautiful family and get the love and affection that they deserve. 

Image Credit: Twitter

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