MUSAN: An Underwater Museum In The Mediterranean Sea By Establishes Our Link With Nature

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An underwater sculptural artwork by environmental artist and activist, Jason deCaires Taylor, has been permanently installed off the Ayia Napa coast in the Mediterranean Sea. The giant underwater pieces are designed to attract marine life aid in conservation efforts. The sculptures will organically develop and grow into their surrounding. Musan will ultimately bring life back to a barren sandy stretch of underwater sea.

Taylor believes that Musan, his marine museum, has a vital part in bringing back marine life, providing an environment that nourishes and fosters marine colonies.

Musan is, in its simplest interpretation, an artificial reef placed after careful consideration of various factors. The cement used is highly durable and the rough texture of the artworks encourages marine lifeforms to adhere to them.

Musan is about 8-10 meters under the Mediterranean Sea, 200 meters away from the coastline. The whole installation was completed this year. the underwater artificial forest has 93 sculptures that portray trees and other natural items. It will ultimately be taken over by marine biomass and will turn into a home for diverse life forms.

Musan Will Ultimately Turn Into A Home For Marine Life Forms

The transformation from the barren sandy stretch to a place filled with varied and intricate forms will attract varied marine life forms. The sculptural pieces of Musan will interact organically with the surrounding environment.

The surroundings will ultimately prove to be a source of food and shelter for varied marine creatures. It will serve as a reminder of the inherent connection between nature and humans. it will ultimately transform into a protected marine resort. It will be accessible to snorkelers and divers who can enjoy the immense variety of marine life embedded in the rich sculptures of Musan.

The sculptural pieces in Musan are placed at various depths and arranged to resemble a path leading into a forest. The trees and other sculptural pieces will protect marine lifeforms in the complex environment they will ultimately create. Some trees float just beneath the surface. This ensures the presence of the sculptures at every depth of the underwater museum.

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The sculptures in Musan are created with pH-neutral ingredients and will draw a diverse variety of fauna and flora.

The Underwater Sculptures Of Musan Tell A Story Of Their Own

The sculptural pieces in the Musan underwater museum have a story to tell and a lesson to teach mankind. Children are playing among the trees in the artificial forest. They are a wake-up call to view the natural realm as a habitation to explore. Children should be fired with a desire to discover and quench their emotional thirst.

Children have gradually been left out of the natural world for the past few decades. in Musan, the children are depicted as inhabiting the forests, camera in hand, and playing hide-and-seek, even as they aim their lenses at humanity. They are hopeful of a future that will allow them to return to the magic and mystery of nature.

Humans need to urgently establish a connection with the natural order in the same way as they need to re-wild our oceans that are slowly becoming barren of all life forms.

There is a well-thought-out reason to call Taylor’s creation a museum. Musan is a place of conservation, preservation, and education. Each museum piece has value and a story of its own. They encourage appreciation and the desire to nurture different marine ecologies.

Gradual Transformation From The Artificial To The Natural


Musan is another instance of Taylor’s works that are dedicated to an art movement where the natural blends seamlessly with the artificial and develops in random ways. His works are not stationary and continue to change along with the surrounding landscape.

Nature finally takes over the creation of the sculptor. The images of children playing in natural surroundings will gradually be transformed by the gradual infusion of marine life forms. The forest will then provide shelter and food to these life forms. It is a reminder that ultimately, we are a part of nature.

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Taylor chooses barren places that boost a diverse and new ecology and also keeps people away from the existing natural ones which are fragile. The involvement of marine scientists ensures that each underwater museum has the maximum impact on the surrounding environment.

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