NASA Says Moon Wobble Will Result In More Floods In the 2030s

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NASA has recently speculated that there will be more floods in the coming decade, and the reason is not just climate change. A Moon Wobble has been detected in the satellite’s orbit. As a result, the number of floods might break all records by the end of the next decade.

AlJazeera released the news first. NASA revealed that the conclusion was from a new study, in which Hawaii University researchers had collaborated. Researchers said that the floods will be starting sometime during the 2030s. They will continue for a decade at least.

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) reported that there were more than 600 floods caused by high tides in the US, in only 2019. Researchers expect the number to reach record-breaking highs in the next decade. It is predicted that the flooding will happen in clusters. These clusters might easily continue for a month at the least.

The Moon Wobble Floods Are Nothing New

Flooding due to high tides may not cause as much damage as hurricanes or cloudbursts. But Phil Thompson, the study’s lead author, believes that the effect accumulated over time will be significant. He explains that flooding 10 to 15 times in one month means less operating time for businesses, people losing jobs, and cesspools becoming a health issue for the public.

However, this phenomenon of a moon wobble is not new. The first report of a moon wobble dates back to 1728. It also reportedly occurs in a period of 18.6 years. NASA explains that in the cycle’s first half, the regular tides get suppressed. In the latter half, the tides get amplified.

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Currently, the Moon is in the phase for amplification. As a result, multiple areas on the coast are facing flooding because of raised seas levels due to climate change. The consequences are set to become direr with one more decade of constantly rising sea levels. Bill Nelson, the Administrator of NASA, has issued a warning to coastal areas to expect a future that will be far more flooded. He adds that events such as the Moon wobble are being constantly monitored to get as much information as possible to complete preparations.

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